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Would you feel safe travelling in the Himalaya region?
Poll ended: 01/01/2008     More polls    Votes cast: 2994

Yes     64%
No     29%
I prefer not to leave the house     5%
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By sonicblue32
i have travelled to wokha in nagaland and its more dangerous in england at kicking out time
By sonicblue
michael you are right to say that nagaland is a separate country we english screwed up when we didnt give them their own country when we handed back india
By JensC
I was travelling in Tibet 2 years ago, was not a problem. Only thing to remember is not to go out alone on a trip nor let the driver drive too much around in the mountains on his 12th hour of driving, especially not after dark.
By Steve in New Zealand
I've been to the Annapurna region twice in 4 years (Nov 2000 & Nov 2004) & would not have any issues with going again - first time with party of 5 & second time just myself & partner, both times we did not use porter or guide, so I've got about 1000 photos of the area.
By Mahadev Semwal
Himalaya is the most beautiful region in this world. I miss it a lot. I wish I could stay there the rest of my life. Sam www.uttaranchal.org.uk
By Ruth
Not afraid to go as Micheal has opened my mind as well as my eyes. If there is any person or persons out there who would like to join an active 53 year old female backpacker,who prefers not to travel alone, go and reinact the trip, (unfortunatley without the help of the BBC) Please contact me by E mail on ruth_boomerang@hotmail.com
By Isa Mutlib
I think that Kyber pass is lovely because it has beautiful landscapes. I'd love to go to Kyber pass
By Jameer Mohammed
Peshawar Is the best
By Capper
I want to do a jeep trip around the Hindukush. Has anybody been to Chitral and Gilgit regions in northern Pakistan lately? I imgaine Palin and team had quite a security escort laid on during their high profile TV series visit. Post 9/11, with Afganistan just over the hills and the reminants of the Taliban and Osama's merry men keepin a low profile nearby, I wonder about personal security for westerners. Perhaps Michael would like to comment.
By bubble.car
I would imagine it depends if you suffer from vertigo, or agoraphobia Iíve heard that the Himalayas are quite big.
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Please Note: This poll is now closed


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