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Hemingway Adventure

Hemingway's life

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Hemingway's grave, Ketchum Cemetery, Idaho.
Michael Palin - Hemingway Adventure1899 - Ernest Miller Hemingway born 21 July in Oak Park, the Chicago suburb of ‘wide lawns and narrow minds’.

1913 - Enters Oak Park High School; pretty hopeless at football but makes up for it in writing for the school paper.

1917 - First job, on the Kansas City Star, as a cub reporter.

1918 - Volunteer ambulance driver for the American Red Cross in Italy. Wounded 8 July at Fossalta. Ends up in Milan hospital and starts love affair with nurse Agnes von Kurowsky.

1919 - Reluctant homecoming - keeps out of mother’s way up in Michigan.

1920 - Reporter on the Toronto Star Weekly.

1921 - September: Marriage to Hadley Richardson.
- November: they sail for France, where he works as foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star in Paris.

1922 - Starts writing short stories (rejected), befriends Gertrude Stein who encourages him to keep writing.
- En route to join Ernest in Switzerland, Hadley leaves suitcase of his original manuscripts on a train.

1923 - First visit to Spain; first bullfight; first son John born; first book published - Three Stories and Ten Poems.
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