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Hemingway Adventure

Horton Creek, Michigan

Michael Palin - Hemingway AdventureThere’s also a larger, deeper regret and I think it’s to do with that old cliché, lost childhood. Horton Creek remains as it was when Hemingway learnt to fish here, an unspoiled backwater. Its peacefulness and my present enforced inertia remind me, suddenly and quite poignantly, of being very young again, of spending seemingly endless days crouched by the side of a pond in Sheffield collecting stickleback and frog-spawn in a jam jar.

It’s ironic that this rush round the world to recapture the spirit of Hemingway should have stirred such an acute memory of days when there was no rush at all.

There’s a shout from the bank. The crew return with camera intact, film saved and ready for work. The reverie’s over.

Actually, I have a feeling that what brought it on was not so much to do with Horton Creek as waking up this morning and realising that, back in England, my eldest son had turned thirty.

Later. Expedition over. All the fish in Horton Creek are still there.
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  • Series: Hemingway Adventure
  • Chapter: Horton Creek, Michigan
  • Country/sea: USA
  • Place: Horton Creek, Michigan
  • Book page no: 28

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