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Full Circle

Day 222: Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico 
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'Very kissable'.
Michael Palin - Full CircleLooking around I notice many women, much older than my companion, watching with clinically appraising eyes as legs are grasped, groins clutched, arms wrenched, bodies slammed across bended knees and leapt on from a great height.

Relaxing after dinner at a pulqueria in the Plaza Garibaldi (pulque is the milky juice from the agave plant, a sort of tequila), I am serenaded by one of the many mariachi bands that roam the square, dressed in high-cut black jackets and tight black leggings with silver buttons down the side. As soon as the mariachi band moves on flower sellers and lottery ticket salesmen appear. You're never alone in Mexico. Never.

I can't leave the Plaza without trying the electric machismo test. On a battered tray of cigars is a small box from which two wires extend, each with a metal cylinder on the end. When I have one of these in each hand the cigar salesman turns a knob which sends an electric current through me - or rather, it's meant to. It doesn't work at first and the man impatiently hits the box. Forty volts tingle instantly across my damp palm. He raises this to seventy or eighty before I decide that's quite macho enough. He looks down at the writing on the dial which, loosely translated from the Spanish, reads 'Very kissable'.
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  • Series: Full Circle
  • Day: 222
  • Country/sea: Mexico
  • Place: Mexico City
  • Book page no: 288

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