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Re: Evilness of McDonalds by Sir Eggsalot on 7 March 2006 9:02pm
Down with hedgehog crisps!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by Sophie-Louise on 7 March 2006 9:03pm
if people knew what i knew about the way they make the food, everyone would hate it!!!

most of it comes out of plastic bags that are stored on the floors around the back! no joke! so many people don't wash their hands before preparing the food, and as i said before the managers couldn't even read an alphabet pop up book, let alone how to cook a ham burger! they recycle fries that have gone cold. this is why i don't like them!

plus, they shouldn't be allowed to advertise the food atall. children see the food and it looks good so they pester their parents into getting it for them. which makes the parent's lives much harder. it's not only thick people who don't care who go there. it's people who have been pressured by their children who have seen the adverts for winning england tickets, getting the free toy and the ice cream!!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by montyfreak0234 on 7 March 2006 9:19pm
if you ever buy something at a traditional deli or amish made food its pretty good (we sell it at our world market but my part of the family doesnt see the money...i miss seeing the large bricks of money used as my grandfathers doorstep, he is still alive but my uncle owns it now) its mainly english and european food there because he likes those countries) but really mcdanalds is crap. my brother worked in food service with his friends (and personally i think thats where he finds his drugs) and from what i know, has no sence of clenliness whatsover, he never washes his hands, but what do i know?
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by montyfreak0234 on 7 March 2006 9:22pm
there was a test to see who kids know. they were Ronald McDonald, Wendy (Wendys fast food), George Washington, and Jesus and the children only knew who McDonald (and convinced he does good for children outside of the Ronald McDonlad house) and Wendy...pretty disturbing, its in Super Size me...pretty good movie...or more of a documentary but if you want to see the evil side of fast food without reading, see Super Size Me.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by Wild in Africa on 8 March 2006 5:46pm
Some years ago I was backpacking through South East Asia and had been living on noodles and rice across Indonesia and Malaysia for months. I reached Singapore and found a MacDonalds and with relief I went straight in and ordered a Big Mac....It was disgusting, and I thankfully went right back to Rice and Noodles and never complained again.
As much as I possibly can I avoid McDs, KFC, Burger King and all of the same ilk and will bring up my baby daughter to hate and loathe them for as long as I can before peer pressure supercedes parent pressure.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by perfectbitch on 8 March 2006 7:06pm
Oh I hate the idea of Mcds however, after havig hosted 12 kids birthday paties in 6 years, I decided to take a load of kids to Mcd's for my daughters 7th birthdy party. It was great - the kids loved it and there was no mess for me to clear up but plenty for Ronald to clean. I still hate it though.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by montyfreak0234 on 8 March 2006 9:20pm
they actually built a McDonalds in India, isnt the cow sacred to some of the people who live there? i would hope that they dont sell their burgers there. actualy i recall my grandfather (now 83 i belive)had an oppertunity to share ownership with McDonalds and turned it down stateing 'no one will ever eat those burgers' millions of people have (maybe even billions)and probably was the biggest mistake of his life.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by kazzzz on 9 March 2006 1:42pm
I was handed a leaflet by a group of protesters about a large fast food chain and how they kept the chickens that eventually ended up in the deef fryers.
The pictures were incredibly graphic and the image remains with me forever of live chickens with their beaks cut off..I'm not going to mention the name of the fast food chain but I don't think it would be hard to guess when I highlight the word CHICKEN.
My kids and I have never eaten it again.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by kazzzz on 9 March 2006 1:45pm
But to be honest if we knew how a lot of food was prepared as far as the conditions, hygiene issues, and they way the animals are treated we probably wouldn't eat anything at all other than home grown produce!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by kazzzz on 9 March 2006 1:54pm
Montyfreak have a look at this link It's the Indian McD menu...fascinating! The menu is almost completely vegetarian.

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