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Re: Evilness of McDonalds by kazzzz on 21 March 2006 2:13pm
Yup you can feel your cholesterol levels rising as you pass by!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by Sophie-Louise on 21 March 2006 5:34pm
that's great that they are nice to you purple! lol the people at mine were horrible, maybe because it was situated next to the worst council estate in my city! lol
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by Faustus on 9 April 2006 1:59pm
Anyone who says that all McDonalds' are dirty should pop into one of the Japanese branches sometime. Never seen a cleaner fast food place in my life. That doesn't mean I eat there all the time, but quite honestly, if you're in a huge hurry, need to grab something and run, and need it cheap, Japan is somewhat short on options (unless you want sushi from a convenience store, which I really wouldn't recommend). McDonald's and restaurants like it serve a purpose- common sense should indicate that that purpose is not for people to eat every blessed meal there (which is where things like Supersize Me lose a lot of credibility- who really eats every single meal at McDonald's?).

As for whoever said that McDonald's shouldn't be allowed to advertise because their advertising is successful, let's get realistic. Kids see the advertising and respond, so it shouldn't be allowed? By that standard, no one should be allowed to advertise anything, ever. No movie trailers, no toy adverts, nada. By definition advertising is supposed to make people want whatever product is the subject of the advert.

If McDonald's was really so evil and everyone really hated it so much, no one would eat there, and it would go out of business. That doesn't seem to be happening, though, does it? I'm not a huge fan of the corporatocracy, but the general public bears a lot of culpability on this one, IMHO.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by rideon on 12 April 2006 1:48pm
mcd's - well..... a few years ago they were really the only kids on the the corner block, now there are healthier options which i go for - there is a place for mcd's in the world, but i'm not going - last time was over 2 years ago and that was when i was STARVING on a long road trip needed something and the only thing available was mcd's!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by irishladette on 12 April 2006 1:58pm
take a place in dublin round the corner from mcdonalds - for 7.35 2 weeks ago - I got a freshly made latte in a proper china MUG, I got a mozzarella tomato and pesto panini which was SERVED to me, and a complimentary GLASS of MINERAL water, was it me or were there more people in this joint than in mcdonald's? Certainly cost wise made far more sense where I was, and health wise...
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by tucsonmike on 13 April 2006 7:21am
You received a MUCH better deal, Ladette. I can't even remember the last time I ate in a Mickey D's and the thought of doing so now repels me.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by arty_farty on 18 April 2006 12:36pm
i had a mc chicken sandwich during my hols and all i wanted to do afterwards was throw it back up. but i cant vom.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by lost.tribe on 18 April 2006 3:00pm
The public should take responsibility for what they cram in their faces, no-one else. It's common sense.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by tucsonmike on 19 April 2006 2:18am
Lost, the slight Libertarian streak in me would agree with you; except you are dealing with human beings. You would be amazed in how much common sense goes missing. (Acutally you probably would not be amazed).
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by arty_farty on 21 April 2006 1:44pm
are you talking about me? look i only went there as a last choice senario. my common sence is perfectly ok, excuse me while i stick a fork in my toaster.

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