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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: Evilness of McDonalds by irishladette on 21 April 2006 3:41pm
hey arty I think that tucson and lost weren'y griping at you at all, after all we've all had to eat and sometimes if you are stuck and have no where else to go, you see a mcd's and say ok, once in a while is ok. Luckily we are beginning to see trends for a more healthier "fast food" outlets, but i've been there, where do I eat? Don't know the city, or country, what's good or not - but there's a mcd's......
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by neowens on 21 April 2006 10:29pm
what has this got to do with travel?
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by arty_farty on 24 April 2006 12:42pm
nothing. seems fun tho!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by irishladette on 25 April 2006 12:54pm
neowens, having travelled far and wide around this globe of ours, it is a rare thing to NOT see a happy smiling Ronald McD greeting you along the way, and quite surprising to find one in the back end of nowhere. In all the places I've been to, there is one island in the Canaries that was bereft of McD's - La Gomera - and I missed it the happy face .... so the topic may not have anything to do with travel, but we pass them every day!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by sighthound on 25 April 2006 10:25pm
My father grew up eating at Dick and Mac McDonald's barbecue restaurant in Arcadia (near the Santa Anita racetrack, a very fashionable destination for Los Angelenos in the 30's.) I grew up in the 50's often stopping for lunch at the McDonald family's original hamburger restaurant in San Bernadino when we were going up to our mountain cabin on the week-ends. It was good, honest food and my parents were amazed at how quickly we'd get our meal so we could get back on the road.

In the mid-50's, Ray Kroc moved in on the McDonald family business. Suddenly, McDonald franchises started popping up all over and the food started deteriorating into the inedible. Around 1960, Kroc bought out the McDonald family and started his relentless assault on the world. The Moral: Never sell out your honest family business for the big bucks if you want to preserve your soul!
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by rt66lt on 28 April 2006 6:12am
Sorry, but I like McDonald's. I don't eat there everyday, but I do eat there every now and then. As for it being unhealthy, it is (but everything in moderation). They did a study here in the US that showed many chain restaurants were actually even more unhealthy than McDonald's.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by sighthound on 28 April 2006 10:52am
Moral #2: Never eat at chain restaurants.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by irishladette on 28 April 2006 11:34am
Hi Sighthound - yes it's a pity that the family sold up, but now here's a bit of defence for McD's - they do give lots of dosh to children's charity.... they can't be toooo evil!
Oh, another thing, when we were on holidays in Scotland with our dogs, one decided she couldn't eat outside and she wanted to be fed where she always was fed - a bit difficult after a 600 mile car journey - so, we opted to see if she'd eat McD's so in we went, and we got some food for the dogs not for us - she loved it!!!!!! The restuarant itself was extremely clean and the staff were very nice and helpful and they came out to see the dogs.... so in defence McD's are ok on the odd occasion
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by sighthound on 28 April 2006 1:48pm
I'm glad your dog got a good nosh on the road, Irish, and I've often done the same for mine on long road trips (and for myself, too, but there are much better alternatives for fast food that I usually stop at - McD is the bottom of the bucket as far as American fast food is concerned.)

As for your dog loving it, I'll spare you from listing all the things that my dogs enthusiastically eat that are, er, how shall I say it? - far less palatable than what's on the McD menu. And keep in mind that what's donated to children's charities is not only tax deductable but is also a source of extremely cheap PR.
Re: Evilness of McDonalds by montyfreak0234 on 29 April 2006 12:42am
It has absolutly nothing to do with travel, I thought I was in Blathering on but I guess not....
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