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  The Chatter Box : The Series
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dvd disappointment by carlito on 29 September 2003 3:43pm
Although im very happy about having the dvd, i was quite disappointed about the lack of special features. I know it was made 16 yrs ago, when dvd was not in anyone's minds, but with all the footage they probably filmed, how about deleted scenes? or outtakes. Ok we had an interview which i did enjoy, but apart from that, its just basically the video (which i had) repackaged in DVD format. Lets hope Pole to pole, and Full circle will be an improvement.
Re: dvd disappointment by Grimpeur on 29 September 2003 5:34pm
I'm also a bit dissapointed :(

Although it's nice having instant access to all the episode rather than having to fast forward through a tape I think it would have been nice to have some maps of the route taken. There could be 'hotspots' on the route maps so that whenever you selected a particular place on the map it brought you to that part of the series. This would be very easy to implement, in fact the map is already present on this site in the form of the 'global journey map'.

Maybe an idea for the next DVD releases.
Re: dvd disappointment by Webmaster on 30 September 2003 12:07pm
Carlito, 80 Days was made by the BBC and, sadly, it seems none of the filmed material that was not used in the series was kept. It's all gone. But all the rushes/deleted scenes from all the other series do still exist.
Re: dvd disappointment by carlito on 30 September 2003 2:23pm
thx webmaster, but it still doesnt justify me buying the dvd wen i have the video. Like most dvd's, as well as the quality and direct access, i like the special fetures thats sets it apart from a normal video film.
Its a shame that the BBC didnt keep the excess footage. I'm sure there must have been hours of material that just didnt make the original series due to time constraints. more footage on the dow, more footage in China etc (drool-lol).
i just hope Pole to pole and Full Circle will be an improvement. Still, I cant help feeling disapointed though...

Re: dvd disappointment by Helen on 30 September 2003 7:56pm
What a shame all of that material is gone. How could they? This is history-- quality programming--- and it's gone.
That's sad!
I will still get the DVD as the picture quality and sound is so much better than stinky, crappy ol' VHS. :)
Thanks for the info.
Re: dvd disappointment by TwoSheds on 1 October 2003 10:28am
Alas , the BBC have a reputation for 'losing' recordings that they made a while ago and any additional footage of 80 days that remained after filming is gone forever. Fingers crossed for P2P though.
Re: dvd disappointment by andrewhh on 14 November 2003 4:30am
Try being a "Doctor Who" fan. The BBC threw out over 100 of the ACTUAL EPISODES!!!
Re: dvd disappointment by carlito on 11 March 2004 6:54pm
webmaster, where are the deleted scenes in Pole to Pole?
Re: dvd disappointment by Godfather on 13 March 2004 1:50am

Hehehe. Twosheds and Andrewh got there first. I was also about to say that the BBC are notorious for doing spring cleaning of their old material and binning it. I'm not a Doctor Who fan, but i'd also heard somewhere that they threw loads of it out. Must be heartbreaking if you're a fan of it.
Re: dvd disappointment by carlito on 13 March 2004 12:44pm
i thought when i bought Pole to Pole, there would have been some deleted scenes/unseen footage or a sizable amout of special features. Dont get me wrong i enjoyed the interview, but when you pay that much more for a dvd you expect a little more. lets hope lessons can be learned for Full Circle...
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