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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by elina on 18 December 2007 10:12am
Aww, now I would just love to sit on a sofa and watch Danny Kaye's films, it's been years since I saw any of them! I have to start to hunt them down from somewhere.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by Miss-M on 18 December 2007 11:03am
King Roderick I: What are you loo-loo-looing about?
Hubert Hawkins: Oh, I'm not loo-loo-looing, Sire, I'm willow-willow-wailing.
King Roderick I: All right, all right. Willow away, willow away.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by Miss-M on 18 December 2007 11:09am
Yea, verily, yea!
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by mrsthing on 21 December 2007 3:56am
"The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle; the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true!"

"No wait--there's been a change! They broke the chalice from the palace! They've replaced it with a flagon."

"A flagon?"

"With a picture of a dragon."

"So the pellet with the poison's...

"... in the flagon with the dragon, the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true!"

And so on. (I hope that's right, I did it from memory.) I got "Court Jester", "Hans Christian Andersen" and "White Christmas" from Amazon. They had a few other Danny Kaye movies, too.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by mrsthing on 21 December 2007 4:07am
Just finished watching "It's a Wonderful Life". So sentimental, but I love it! It's not too gloppy, just kind of Norman Rockwell-ish.

And "The Red Balloon". I loved that little short as a kid. I found it on DVD and bought it for my husband for Christmas. I hope he'll like it--it's from Korea, but the seller insisted it was brand new and a legitimate copy. But the dialog--what there is of it--is in English.

The 2005 Narnia movie is another one that did a better job of capturing the spirit of the book than the book did. I absolutely loved it! The scenery, the kids' acting (especially Skandar Keynes!), the wonderful battle scenes (can you believe Lewis does the ENTIRE battle in less than a page?) Mr. Tumnus was perfect--just as I had imagined him.

Anything with Wallace and Gromit. I loved their "Curse of the Were Rabbit" feature film, but my favorite W&G remains "The Wrong Trousers". That scene where Gromit is frantically laying down train tracks while chasing the penguin is an incredible feat of stop-action animation, and so funny!

Oh--and the LOTR movies, especially the last one. That scene with Viggo Mortensen charging the enemy with all those ghosts materializing behind him was incredible! But my favorite moment is when Eowyn (sp?) says, "I...AM...NO...MAN!" and skewers that undead king guy. (Sorry, I'm not a LOTR fan--I just really enjoyed the movies.)

We actually got to see most of it twice, because just as they were coming to the gates of Mordor, the guy in front of us went into cardiac arrest, and by the time they had it all sorted out (he survived, no thanks to the reluctant movie patrons who were squeamish about doing CPR!), we were all so shaken up that the theater offered us a free pass if we didn't want to stay and watch the rest of the movie, which had been running all that time without sound, so we'd missed about 20 minutes of it. I took the free pass--and had two stiff drinks when I got home.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by fairygirl48 on 21 December 2007 6:29am
I got a DVD for Christmas last year with all three W&G shorts on it and my favorite is still "The Wrong Trousers". You picked my favorite scene. :D
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by elina on 21 December 2007 10:11am
Wallace and Gromit films are scary. I've seen them all many times, but I can't watch them without feeling scared. The penguin, or the sheep or the oven in the moon.... Gives me creeps. My sister was actually shocked when she realised that Wallace's voice belongs to Peter Sallis who is also in "Last of the Summer wine" which is one of her favourite shows.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by mrsthing on 22 December 2007 4:20am
I'm a wimp when it comes to suspense or violence, but W&G don't bother me. However, I cried like a baby at "Pinocchio" (where the boys are turning into donkeys; I was 27 years old, btw), and at "Harry Potter IV" when Mr. Diggory comes tearing down the stands crying, "My boy, my boy!" I saw "Road Warrior" and needed 4 months of psychotherapy, though. I couldn't go to sleep without checking the door and window locks over and over again, and I'd cry and sweat if a motorcycle drove by the house. So I just don't go to really violent or scary movies anymore.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by mrsthing on 23 December 2007 3:31am
I nearly forgot The Adventures of Baron Munchausen! I LOVE that movie!

And "Fierce Creatures"--Michael was wonderfully funny as the entomologist. I thought the whole movie was hysterically funny, but apparently it didn't do very well. It's listed in many places as the sequel to "A Fish Called Wanda", but it's not--Cleese just used the same principles in a completely different film.
Re: FAVorite Mooovies or Films...! by canaveralgumby on 24 December 2007 2:22am
My favorite all-time movie is "The Blues Brothers." It is a perfect composition as a film. The multiple story arcs come around perfectly at the end.

The great classic music makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The characters are brilliant. The bad acting among the band members was BRILLIANT! The sad serious moments weren't overdone. And, while I'm not put off by vulgarity, there was none, they didn't need to "work blue," ironic since they were the "Blues Bros."

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