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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by kazzzz on 20 June 2008 4:09am
Oh riiiiight NOW I get it.

I mustn't have a dirty mind like you lot.
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by geordiegirl on 20 June 2008 7:51pm
Well hello again Big Blogger. Yes, I thought that was a lovely mistake to make with my user-name & I know Katia now anyway, so I'd never correct it.

Ahhh, Waaalsend - worked in their library for 4 years. Long time ago!

Alas, in 3 days time we will be driving down to Battle Abbey (where they might well not understand my accent)- sop can't meet up. Where do you drink these days, then? In my day it was the Rising Sun, is that still there? Named after the long-defunct coal mine, i believe.
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by geordiegirl on 20 June 2008 7:56pm
Kazzzz, to the pure all things are creme eggs.....don't blame you. Never came upon the expression myself. until about 2000, when someone had written the C-word against some political canvas returns. Well, fair comment, but REALLY...
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by kazzzz on 21 June 2008 12:47am
I remembered I HAD heard it before, but had erased it from my mind! More room for eggy goodness now ;)
I have to look up a link for you, a friend of mine is heading your way with his band in a couple of months and playing in an old church( will have to look up the name, very well known old church though)
They're very out there musically, but I will send you the details anyway (when I find them) just for interest's sake if nothing else. I showed my Mum a pic of the church and she remembered it from her childhood days, back when she was a Geordie and before she turned into an Australian ;) She would KILL me for saying that haha!
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by geordiegirl on 22 June 2008 5:05am
Where is your mum now, Kazzz? I think you mentioned Ava's grandparents being in UK? Or is that Ray's side? I do think of your mum when we go through Denton on our way to vour week in Fenham.

Thanks for thinking of me with the band-in-old-church link. You get a lot of that over here.

I'll be interested to try the link, but no rush, kidda.
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by johnnythemonkey on 22 June 2008 11:11am
Why don't you email her and ask such personal questions ? And btw her other arf's name is'nt Ray. I ( we ) choose to call him that here.
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by kazzzz on 22 June 2008 1:21pm
Well..my Mum is 3 km up the road, she was born in Sunderland and came here when she was 10! She lived in Denton Burn.
Ray's (not his real name haha) mum is in London.

Johnny there are only two people in the world who call him Ray!
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by geordiegirl on 22 June 2008 11:17pm
Oooh,Kazzz, sneaky with Ray. I just call mine - you know name now - Husband on site. I think I got it from a book, but then I would.
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by bIG bLOGGER on 27 June 2008 2:01pm
What,a building site??
Re: ' Dodgy threads ' by kazzzz on 27 June 2008 2:08pm
I didn't give him that name, Johnny did. He says he looks like Ray Winstone LOL!!!!
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