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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: The Democratic Convention by kazzzz on 27 August 2008 1:39pm
Here we go again.
I don't think anyone really wants info on googlebot, do they? You don't know who is reading it? We're ALL reading it!
Re: The Democratic Convention by tucsonmike on 27 August 2008 1:48pm
I was too tired to watch and pay attention last night.
What I am finding interesting is the number of Republicans and regular citizens who have been speaking @ the convention.
Next week, I will be curious to see the Republican convention and how they react.

I have developed one fear for the regular election. It is SOOOOO close, what happens if there are many recounts in different states. The Economist is doing a series on the states up for grabs. So far, they have done, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio and North Carolina.

Re: The Democratic Convention by canaveralgumby on 27 August 2008 7:05pm
I have a stupid question. Where are the debates? Will they come after both conventions? BRING ON THE DEBATES!
Re: The Democratic Convention by tucsonmike on 27 August 2008 7:08pm
Four debates have been announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates[40]

September 26: First CPD Presidential Debate in Oxford, Mississippi at the University of Mississippi on Foreign Policy & National Security. The debate will be formatted into nine, nine-minute segments, with the moderator introducing the topics.[41]
October 2: Vice Presidential Debate in St. Louis, Missouri at Washington University in St. Louis on format and issues have not been decided.
October 7: Second CPD Presidential Debate in Nashville, Tennessee at Belmont University will be in a town meeting format and will include any issues raised by members of the audience.
October 15: Third CPD Presidential Debate in Hempstead, New York at Hofstra University on Domestic and Economic Policy. The debate will be formatted into nine, nine-minute segments, with the moderator introducing the topics.
A Zogby poll released on August 15th, 2008 indicated that most Republicans and Democrats want Libertarian candidate Bob Barr to be included in the presidential debates. Nearly 70% of independent voters would like to see Barr included.[42]
Re: The Democratic Convention by bIG bLOGGER on 28 August 2008 3:48pm
Last night,at the Democratic Convention in Denver,Colorado,I watched (on TV) BILL CLINTON,a skilled and seasoned orator,give a pledged endorsement of Senator Obama for would-be 44th President of the USA.I watched 4th-term Massachussets Senator JOHN KERRY give a well-received,hard-hitting speech,wherein he affirmed America can't afford a "3rd Term" of George Bush Jnr.-rule, because McCain has voted 90% of the time for things that Bush Jnr. endorses. And I watched JOSEPH BIDEN ,the veteran Senator from Delaware,(pronounced 'Bye-den'),Vice-Presidential nominee,also give a good down-home,heartfelt,rousing,crowd-pleasing appeal for change.
So..it will boil down,in November,to this:The Democrats (Obama) stand for change; The Republicans(McCain) stand for No-change = more of the same politics,folks.
Thank y'all for coming..God bless y'all..God Bless America..(and God bless my Grandmother who is 101 and still goes to the local Hop)..you know which way you're gonna vote,now,don't you?
Re: The Democratic Convention by geordiegirl on 28 August 2008 5:57pm
I just do admire the seriousness and open-ness with which Presidential elections can show, at times. in UK we get newspaper digests (the TV ones are worse) - I bet shown in full, they're really good,solid stuff.

I just don't feel we get that in mainstream media in UK: TV means just slagging each other off, leaflets largely go unread, as do policy documents. Radio - very minority - covers it seriously (and briefly) but it IS minority & never enough.

I think you guys must have a really good idea, from the debates, what you might be getting (of course I am ignoring the negative advertising on TV, a lot of that, I know)
Re: The Democratic Convention by canaveralgumby on 28 August 2008 6:20pm
Melissa Etheridge was AMAZING as always!


Four years ago, I don't remember John Kerry, then Democratic Presidential nominee, speaking out as frankly and emotionally as he did last night. WHY oh WHY didn't he, 4 yrs ago??

Having said that, WOO HOO I am very heartened by the whole thing. After 8 years of living in an atmosphere of intimidation, we liberals are reasserting that the flag, patriotism, and pride in our military (NOT the same as support for the Iraq war) are OURS, too.

Can't WAIT to see Barack Obama tonight!

(I've just discovered that we have to add Barack and Obama to our spell check dictionaries.)

I'm afraid I'm feeling the same fatigue over Joe Biden's "lost my wife, took the train home to tuck my kids in" story that I feel over John McCain's POW story. I have all respect and sympathy, I do, how can you NOT, but as Bill Maher put it best, "We KNOW already..." BUT, last night WAS about Joe Biden's biography and career so we had to tell it again. Now we can move on!


I watched the C-SPAN coverage, wherein I got to see ALL the speeches, and so apparently missed the soap opera that was MSNBC's internal fighting amongst their own commentators. What's wrong with those people? Don't they know that they're supposed to be telling US what WE should think, and not each other?!

After the 2006 Mid-Term elections, after the talking heads on MSNBC were wrong about everything, and boisterously so, Tom Brokaw appeared at the end of the broadcast, on Chris Matthews' own show, and said [paraphrasing] maybe now you commentators can get back to the business of commenting, instead of yelling at the viewers, trying to tell them what they think. Apparently they can think for themselves, and you have no idea what they think!


I hope that the big open air stadium rally doesn't backfire on Obama. His opposition used the visual of the big outdoor rally in Germany to compare him to another very charismatic politician in German history. No doubt they'll try that again.
Re: The Democratic Convention by sighthound on 28 August 2008 7:23pm
Interesting that nothing was made of the fact that Beau Biden will be deploying to Iraq shortly....
Re: The Democratic Convention by geordiegirl on 28 August 2008 8:44pm
I agree, Cori. Patriotism, pride in the military, etc. AREN'T just for the right-wing - we of a more left-wing view can take pride, too.

Joe Biden? Well, I'm sure he's a good guy...I remember, though, must be 20 years ago he got into a spot of bother plagiarising our own Neil Kinnock's speeches (Now there's a blast from the past) - 'Why am I the first kinnock in a thousand generations to go to university' etc.

Oh well I'm sure he's lived it down!
Re: The Democratic Convention by tucsonmike on 29 August 2008 1:47pm
Now it is the Republican's turn LOL!
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