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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by intrepid on 14 June 2005 3:22pm
But the question is, Spursfan, do you still have a nose?
Last night the BBC news program started off talking about the trial- no problem, it's news- but they began the program telling us that Michael Jackson had left wherever he was coming from and was on his way to the courthouse. No, nothing had actually happened except that he had gotten into a car, but the BBC was undaunted and, for the next 45 minutes we heard:
a 5 minute retrospective on his career (which was interesting);
7 minutes on the elections in Lebanon; 10 minutes of Jackson-related interviews;
23 intervening minutes of the newsreader and 2 correspondants telling us that the BBC were currently covering the Michael Jackson story.
We were about to hear something about a white supremacist going on trial, but that had to be abandoned because Michael Jackson had gotten out of his car. A half hour later, after some of the same stuff played again, we heard the verdicts. It wore pretty thin.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 14 June 2005 3:59pm

I was watching it on Sky News who had uninterrupted coverage of the countdown to the verdict and afterwards (the drive from Neverland to Santa Maria; the arrival at the Courthouse; various people entering the courtroom and being searched (Michael, his family, etc etc); the verdict and reactions; Michael leaving etc etc.).

It was all very exciting - and nailbiting.

Glad to say no such news items as yours got in the way,intrepid!!!

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Louise on 14 June 2005 5:12pm

Anne writes:

>I have 2 grown up kids

I was just wondering if that`s an oxymoron?

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by intrepid on 14 June 2005 6:19pm
Yeah, I meant to add that if I thought I was getting a heck of a lot of coverage, it was probably NOTHING compared to what other folks got.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 14 June 2005 6:32pm
What confused me and maybe a lot of other casual observors, the 10 "counts". I thought there were 10 different boys claiming they had been molested. Instead, it was just one boy claiming he had been molested, shown porn, given liquor, etc. a total of 10 times. His mother it turns out at the trial is a cheap hustler. The jury decided it was she who hustled Jackson, and not the other way around. Frankly, I would have thought after 10 years of trying to build a case of child molesting against Jackson, they could have made a much beeter case than this, if it was true.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Ahren on 14 June 2005 7:13pm
Plus, she wouldn't have let him go back to Neverland if she knew what was "happening". That's probably a worse example of parenting if she did!!
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 14 June 2005 7:49pm
You don't know my kids, lol!

No, seriously, obviously they are grown-up and are my children which is abbreviated to kids.


Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 14 June 2005 7:55pm
I don't believe that it is true though!!


As I've said before, he is naive. He loves children and being with them and was naive in the sense that he didn't realise that suspicions would be raised.

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by kristinekm on 14 June 2005 8:09pm
My private theory is that Michael stopped developing like other normal children when he became a star. Both the fame and the impossibility to continue doing child things, made him stay at this stage of mind a long time. Eventually he, like other people, discovered his sexuality, a thing which is difficult to handle if you are at heart a small boy. I do not say that Michael abuse children I just think he feels he's still one of them and being one of them it is one of them he throws his love at.

I really hope you understand what I'm saying, that I have made myself clear.

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 14 June 2005 8:15pm
Yes please, kazz!

I agree Kristine. Maybe by being with, and playing with (in it's most innocent sense!!) children, he didn't have to grow up himself and enter that scary world of adults??

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