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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 17 June 2005 2:09am
I know he was bring a "facetious", but the thought got me to thinking.

I don't know about the rest of you, but this board keeps me on my toes because it doesn't have a spell checker. I was never good at spelling. I don't think I could have spelled that word correctly without help, if my life depended on it.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Godfather on 18 June 2005 12:30am

>>He was found innocent of those charges. Does that mean he's innocent of everything he's suspected of? No.

Again,this assumption that by default he is still 'guilty' somehow, regardless of the result because you think he is. None of us know the reality of it. All that matters in a trial is whether or not there is evidence of the charges against him. There was not. That's what people need to get over, despite what personal feelings still remain in them about Jackson.

Nobody knows what occured between them apart from Michael and Gavin. Nobody else on this earth. So neither the "for" or "against" camps know what they're talking about really, when they state that he is innocent or guilty. We only tend to have our leanings, for sure. That much is certain. Part of me also thinks that Jacko's relationship with the teens of an age where they are becoming sexually aware, was perhaps on occasions not quite as pure and cookies and milk as he portrays it to be. But personally i dont believe that he would have engaged in this sort of actitivy with the younger ones.

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 18 June 2005 1:55am
I agree. It doesn't matter a "hoot 'n hell" what you & I think. It's the 12 people who sat on the jury.

Today, I was at several places where popular music is played on a speaker somewhere as a backgound, like elevators. A number of times I happened to hear old Michael Jackson songs. I suppose it's possible to say his popularity has not been affected.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by thatcherberry on 18 June 2005 12:46pm
it looks like Blasi and i are fighting the corner. Jackson is gulity and anyone who thinks otherwise is more stupid that he is.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 18 June 2005 5:43pm
How rude!!

A jury has found him NOT GUILTY so that is the end of it!!

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 18 June 2005 6:27pm
Not me!!
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 18 June 2005 7:18pm
Oh no, you're not catching me out like that - notquiteenglishtroll!!!!

I said - I don't care if MJ sleeps in the same bed as teenage boys etc. NOT that I didn't care about what happened to him.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 18 June 2005 7:50pm
As a long time teacher of young adolescents, there are a number of professional safeguards I was taught. Jackson, it appears, did not follow these or did not care to. You are never alone with a child, never touch them unless an adult is present, walk with your hands behind you, never discuss sexual or personal issues not matter how innocent, to name a few. If Jackson was truly concerned about his reputation, he could have prevented a lot of his problems. I suppose he's learned a big lesson from all of this.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Ahren on 18 June 2005 10:29pm
It's hard to believe that absolutely nothing happened, but there is no proof of anything. You can't convict anyone without solid evidence, so Jackson will be not guilty until then.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by kristinekm on 19 June 2005 3:38am
I read an article in my Danish newspaper Politiken which were quite interesting. I would have loved to share it with you if I had had the time to copy it and translate it :)

It pointed very clearly out that MJ due to his tragic childhood with stardom and a violent father got hurt, mentally.
He actually lives in a world of his own and he is extremely naive. While in court he seemed as if he did not understand the charges of sexual relations but seemed more as if he thought they just wanted to prevent him from being with children. He said he could not live without them!
It also appears as if Tom Sneddon has done all he could to change the state law to make absolutely sure that MJ went to a trial and would not be able to pay his way out. MJ sings about him "Dom Sneddon is a cold man". Included in the trial was also a picture of Michael posing as Christ and famous Americans as the Disciples. It hung above his bed and was probably meant as evidence of MJ's mental state.
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