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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Godfather on 19 June 2005 11:56am

>...Blasi and i are fighting the corner. Jackson is gulity and anyone who thinks otherwise is more stupid that he is.

C'mon now. Please stop and think about it for a moment. Trying to convince others that what you "believe" is true, without ONE iota of evidence to back it up, is hardly going to convince anyone, is it. Personally, i dont know if he's guilty in "reality", or not. And neither do you. Admit it. None of us do. We have our leanings. But you imply that your leaning is backed up some kind of "evidence",when you call others stupid for having a different personal opinion.

If you were honest with yourself, you would stop this game. Trying to bash your leaning at us as if carries any legal weight, is getting you nowhere because you cannot know the real truth. Only Michael and Gavin do. The only thing that matters here (and in this thread), is that a Jury found him not guilty.

It doesn't mean to say he's innocent in "reality". But in the arena of the law, he's innocent for now. Is it not better to accept things this way instead of calling anyone who disagrees with your personal leaning, stupid?

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 20 June 2005 2:49am
Another way you might be able to judge is how well the jurors do on the daytime talk shows, like Oprah Winfrey. I once saw the O.J. Simpson jurors look like complete idiots, which they were, and so they all vanished after a couple of weeks. It's just a thought.

Kristine, I've heard in the all kinds of explanations. One of the more popular explanations I've heard is that his older & bigger brothers used to beat Michael when he was young because he was much more talented, sort of like Joseph in the Bible.

When I read your post that Jackson has a likeness of himself as Jesus, it reminds of a story. About 15 years ago, I was at a party in the home of a very famous football player here in Texas. Some friends & I were looking around when we accidentally stumbled into the guy's bedroom. On the wall he had huge nude picture of himself in the pose of a Greek god. At first we were stunned, but then we laughed. If there is a meesage here that relates to Jackson, it would be that many celebrities have incredibly large egos at times. I guess we all know this, though, so it's not too surprising.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 20 June 2005 11:02am
I think that you are unfair to speak of the jurors in that way, George.

Certainly in the UK, and I'm sure in the States too, the Jury is made up of normal people, not stars or celebrities or necessarily people who are good at public speaking.

They are not trained in the law as the judge, lawyers and other officials are. Surely it is the whole point about our, and I think your, legal system that the jury is impartial.

To criticize an ordinairy person because they fluffed up a chat show is horrendously unfair.

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by perfectbitch on 20 June 2005 11:35am
I had to serve on a jury some years ago. One thing that surprised me was the desire of each juror to reach the right decision. It is a responsibility that few can ignore. A juror has to consider the facts only. I read an article about the jurors in the Jackson case and came to the conclusion that they represented a complete range of society, intelligence etc. Whatever I believe about his guilt or innocence, the facts simply were not enough to convict without reasonable doubt.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Spursfan on 20 June 2005 11:39am

Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by George on 20 June 2005 7:00pm
Please forgive me. I'm sorry if you all think I was being unfair. I was just trying to be brief. Jury pools from which the individual jurors are chosen are, by definition, average people in the community. It's considered a public service obligation. It's very true 99% of all jurors are as fair & objective as humanly possible. Most trials last only a few days and then the jurors go back to their everyday lives. Besides the nominal pay, all they get is a free lunch.

But, for these high profile cases, some people consider it their big break into show business, and will say anything to be chosen as a juror. The attorneys for both sides have to be extra careful to choose impartial people of integrity. That's why it sometimes takes weeks to seat a jury. After the trial is over, a few jurors will give an interview or two and then simply, go home. But, a few a really see themselves as important celebrities & go on the talk show circuit. Again, there's no real pay for this, just travel expenses and the chance to appear on television. Nobody forces them to do it. If they do look silly, it's because they overestimated their "star quality". That said, I still have no doubt, based on the selection process, the jurors were completely fair & impartial to Jackson. As for the Simpson jury, they bought into the defense's rascist conspiracy theory, which was highly implausible, & couldn't understand the relevance of the DNA evidence. It wasn't a case of poor public speaking skills.
Re: Jacko: Not Guilty by Belinda on 26 June 2005 1:04am
he should be. he's so weird. i call him plastic face! he even carried his own child over the balcony

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