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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Figuring Out Where to Hold the Block Party.Re: Two Months Already? by Em on 26 December 2005 1:08am
What a wonderful post, Layne, and look at what it has generated into! Tis an interesting idea, getting everyone together. It would take a fair bit of work. I am currently organising a get-together on another forum, actually - just a local one. I'll be visiting another two other countries next year, so that might give me a better opportunity at attending one of these Palinite Conventions!
Figuring Out Where to Hold the Block Party.Re: Two Months Already? by Holle on 26 December 2005 2:15am
So far it was just funny to think of the whole idea, but let us consider it as real possibilty for a moment. Mike is already on the right way, we would need a organization or company to raise and handle the money, sign contracts, doing the paper work and beeing generally in charge. The most suitable organization in my view is the BBC itself. They have the people experienced in such things, they have the needed money and they could earn the money back by filming the meeting. That means we need a concept, what to do with all these interesting people from all over the world gathered at one spot. It must provide enough material for interviewers and camera teams to produce something saleable, a bunch of people sitting together and having a chit-chat wouldn't be very interesting for someone ouside. So as a first step we should figure out what scale this may have, how many really would take part and what we are planning to do. Then we should contact Mr. Palin and the BBC if they see any chance to bring something like that to life.
Figuring Out Where to Hold the Block Party.Re: Two Months Already? by tucsonmike on 26 December 2005 2:43am
Why thank you Em and Holle. You have helped to push this along. You have helped to break the logjam.
Actually, I am trying to coax my friend Rita (of the Clinton Initiative) into coming on here. She is also a world traveler, so folks would find her interesting.
Holle, maybe you can work on the concept. Maybe I can also coax my friend Rita into putting it together. She's an Organizational Psychologist.
Maybe Mr. P and the BBC can put together the concept.
Holle, actually I like the idea of you and some of the folks in the U.K. who are closer to BBC offices to put this together. If needed, I can help by asking around at the local PBS station
It's connected to the University of Arizona, so there might be some ideas there.
As we say in the states, run with it!
Bono's Organization.Re: Two Months Already? by tucsonmike on 27 December 2005 12:41am
My friend Rita provided this. Don't know how useful it is to this thread but...

As Promised! Rita

From: Bono <[email protected]>

Subject: Thanks for making an historic promise to the poor - and more
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 02:25:28 +0000

Dear Friend:

Thank you for starting a movement to save lives. Thank you for asking your friends and family to join ONE.org. Thank you for calling on the President, Congress and the heart of America to do more for the world's poor.

Thank you for being one of the first 2 million of us crazy enough to say America won't stand for global AIDS and stupid poverty. And thank you to the people who joined campaigns in other countries to make their governments come to the table and do more for the world's poor.

Thank you for the concrete results that came from calling on America to invest more in fighting poverty and disease in Africa and around the world. In July, the whole world heard you: the leaders of the 8 richest nations - the G8 - pledged an additional $50 billion annually to poor countries by 2010, half of it for Africa.

Already our money is getting results. Thank you America for putting over half a million people on life-saving AIDS medicines and leading an effort that has provided 8 million anti-malaria bednets and treated 1 million people with TB. And thank you for pushing our governments to use this money to provide AIDS drugs to everyone who needs them and basic schooling for every child.

Thank you for being part of a campaign that will cancel the crushing debts of up to 36 countries, and more to come.

Thank you to the people who called on government to act and thank you to the people in government, who started to listen and who will have to make sure we keep these historic promises and build upon them.

We must keep the positive pressure on our leaders if we want them to follow through. Americans must give these leaders permission to invest just a fraction more of the budget in what we know works, from $5 mosquito nets to drug treatments that cost pennies apiece.

If ONE thing is certain for 2006, this campaign will keep growing, your voice will grow louder, your compassion and thirst for justice will keep saving more lives. By 2008, ONE needs to have 5 million supporters, each of us doing what we can, learning more, telling friends, calling Congress.

Take one minute and ask three friends to join ONE and make the impossible possible with you in 2006.

Beating AIDS and extreme, stupid poverty, this is our moon shot. This is our generation's civil rights struggle, our anti-apartheid movement. This is what the history books will remember our generation for or blame us for, if we fail. We can't afford to fail nor will we.

We've come a long way, and we've got a long way to go. Now let's really get started.

Thank you,

one.org | unsubscribe | privacy policy
Figuring Out Where to Hold the Block Party.Re: Two Months Already? by sighthound on 27 December 2005 2:13am
Apropos of the previous post, I just finished watching "Yesterday" which HBO is featuring this month and I am still in tears. I'm amazed that I totally missed hearing about this film before. It was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar last year. It's a film from South Arfica (in isiZulu with subtitles) and is the first film to have the support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

It is about a young mother in a remote African village who is infected with the HIV virus by her husband who works far away in the SA mines, a story that, according to all those statistics that we all know so well, has been repeated endlessly in Africa.

"Yesterday" really brings those statistics home with a view of how AIDS really affects those remote African villages - nothing preachy or politically polemical. There is a transcendent performance by Leleti Khumalo in the title role and wonderful performances by the rest of the cast. Watch it if you can.
Figuring Out Where to Hold the Block Party.Re: Two Months Already? by tucsonmike on 27 December 2005 6:06am
I was in South Africa for a month in 1996. I remember hearing stories like that. AIDS is cutting a swath through Africa.
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