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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Pope Apologises by sighthound on 19 September 2006 9:18pm
Terry Gross had an amazing interview with John Hagee on "Fresh Air" yesterday http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6097362

It was amazing for the fact that Gross kept her cool and didn't start yelling at him as I certainly would have. Hagee is the founder of Christians United for Israel and actively campaigns for war in the Middle East because he believes that it will hasten the second coming of Christ and peace messes up Hagee's plans to be lifted up on a cloud to heaven while the rest of us are subjected to a rain of heavenly fire.

It would be easy to brush him off as an idiotic kook except for the fact that Bush and a lot of Senators listen to him which I find absolutely terrifying. He, apparently, was very instrumental in Bush not calling for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon and encouraging Israel to fight on.

And his views of Islam are absolutely outrageous - ten thousand times worse than what the pope said the other day. He is an unfortunately influential and extremenly dangerous man that I think should be prosecuted for war crimes. I KNOW Christ would never have approved of what this "Christian" minister is trying to foment.
Re: Pope Apologises by komutanucantekme on 20 September 2006 1:30am
I grew up as an atheist in a mainly Islamic society, despising meaningless religious taboos and their self-appointed enforcers. Given that, this relatively recent inter-religious war business has almost made me sympathetic towards the people I grew up hating. The facts and figures about who is benefiting and profiting from all this, I think, just emphasizes my take on, again, in my opinion, primitive values like religion and, although not related to this case, patriotism. I believe that these artificial concepts only provide a lever for people at powerful positions to move masses with a simple prod. I've never been able to see the logic behind hating person solely on the pretext that he was born at 37 59'N 23 43'E (which happens to be Athens (I'm from Turkey, by the way)); neither do I see the point in stopping a flight and arresting a man for the reason that he was saying prayers in Arabic and had a beard. It's absurdist humour at its best.
Re: Pope Apologises by sighthound on 20 September 2006 8:14am
I really, really, really wish I could disregard the blatherings by Christian, Islamic and Jewish idiots as "absurdist humour" but this "My God Has Spoken To Me and, therefore, I AM RIGHT" rhetoric has permeated my government. I am astounded and totally embarassed right now to be American.

Re: Pope Apologises by tucsonmike on 22 September 2006 6:05pm
Oh nice. I had not heard of this guy before. I always wondered when the Born Agains would do something like eventually volunteer to fight "for" Israel.

I cannot imagine Israel accepting such support though.
Re: Pope Apologises by arty_farty on 22 September 2006 9:09pm
*rolls eyes* fighting for peace is like whoring for virginity.
Re: Pope Apologises by canaveralgumby on 23 September 2006 2:26am
Arty, that's, like, the best quote ever!

I thought "W" was RICH when he spoke to the UN about not being able to deal with religous extremists and fundamentalists, when he FRIGGIN' IS ONE.

Did anyone catch the joke on Conan O'Brien "In the Year 2000"? (This is a sketch wherein they predict the future.) The Pope will attempt to apologize for his comments yet again, but he'll only cause further hard feelings when he says, "Sorry I was being such a Jew."

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