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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Spursfan stop bullying by Sophie-Louise on 23 October 2006 7:26pm
finding someone amusing on a messageboard is hardly sucking up to them!!! i don't even know him/her or you for that matter! i would just like to come on here and discuss life, the universe and everything. so jsut stop attacking me please. i've tried to get along with you but you just love to hate. so that's your porblem. i am willing to smooth things over but you want a fight and i'm not prepared to have one. i have far nicer things to discuss.
Re: Spursfan stop bullying by Helen on 23 October 2006 8:15pm
Okay, Anne, can you stop now? Please?
Re: Spursfan stop bullying by bandgeek512 on 23 October 2006 8:24pm
Rather, everyone, just stop. Anne isn't the only one and she was prodded first. She's being severely mistreated.

Anne, sweetie, I should have said that long ago. I tried to stay out of this because I hate all this junk and it looked like pathetic juvenile teasing to me. But, now they're getting too personal with you and being downright rude. It's unacceptable. You've been provoked and they're taking your reaction *way* out of context. If I were singled out like that, then I'd react just the same way.

Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Kingy? Do you have to take snide pokes at a "subject" or do you not have special higher-up people to be rude to?
Re: Spursfan stop bullying by thomasmbrooks30 on 23 October 2006 8:35pm
I think Anne should stop this attempt at bullying everyone into thinking what she wants them to. Sophie and I have been on this site for four years now, and we have made some fantastic friends here. Nobody has ever had a problem with Sophie before I will not stand by and watch her be attacked now! What ever happened to the days when these boards were dominated by friendly banter rather than accusation and counter accusation?! Anne, try to be more like Patty, Lyn, Phyll, Jake and the plethora of other friendly people who (I can't help but note) seem to post less and less frequently on this site nowadays. It is rare for me to post but I felt it necessary this time. Please Anne, just lighten up will you?
"King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by bandgeek512 on 23 October 2006 8:43pm
Speaking of forcing opinion on people!

I've seen **MANY** times both Kingy and Sophie ((telling)) Anne to stop "bullying". Forcing her and others to think that Kingy's opinion is supreme and that he's king of a website. And, what I've seen, THIS IS BULLYING!! For crying out loud. Furthermore, her difference of opinion has, thus, gotten her this bullying. Interesting.


Anne's responses may not have been polite, but she's being picked on. How dare you base your arguments on her responses to being verbally abused!! We're back in school again!
Re: "King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by Sophie-Louise on 23 October 2006 8:53pm
i don't want to fall out with anyone else layne. i didn't want to fall our with anne in the first place. but she has been bullying me a bit, maybe i retaliated in the wrong way but i think i was justified to say something about the matter.

i am not bothered by KMI, he's not been nasty to me in anyway so i'm not bothered. that's not to say that i suck up to him or anything.

i am sorry if people have taken offence at what i have said, but you really have taken it the wrong way if you have. please. i do not want to fall out with anyone else, and i do want to be friendly with anne, but she isn't letting me! she carries on to attack. that's hardly fair is it?
Re: "King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by bandgeek512 on 23 October 2006 8:56pm
But, Soph, you're carrying on too. You're not helping this, just like Anne isn't. I really hate to say that, too, because you've been nothing but nice to me. But, so has Anne and she's being singled out in this thread.

Sure, you're justified in saying something. But poking and prodding at another person and verbally abusing them? That's not right.

Personal arguments need to be kept as such. This place used to be somewhere I went to avoid crisis. Now it's all about it. I might as well go back to the hospital if I'm going to deal with stress like this.
Re: "King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by Sophie-Louise on 23 October 2006 9:00pm
i have been singled out too though. but i agree with you, which is why i'm trying to sort it out and smooth it over. but she will not let me. i explained and the response i get is 'yeah right' and another attack. i am now apparently sabotaging this site!!!!
Re: "King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by capman on 23 October 2006 9:02pm
i no theres freedom of speech in most places in the world but hasnt this become like children in the playground so in so said this so in so said that and as for the bullying it shouldnt happen any where on here in life stop think an grow up before who ever owns this site shut it down cause they dont like wot they are reading orpeople stop visiting the site.we are all adults lets act as such and get on an enjoy michael palin and hes travels please
Re: "King" and Sophie stop bullying!! by Sophie-Louise on 23 October 2006 9:02pm
how was i verbally abusing? i didn't name call or swear, i explained something rationally. something i have not recieved in return.
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