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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
This makes me worry... by Spursfan on 19 February 2007 4:30pm
for my Tosun's safety!!

Bull terriers top dog-nappers' list

Criminals could be targeting Staffordshire Bull Terriers for theft, according to a report released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Metropolitan Police document shows a 74% rise in stolen dogs across the London area last year.

The report, obtained by the BBC under the FoI Act, says Staffordshire Bull Terriers made up more than half of all dogs stolen, with nearly 35 being taken a month, many as puppies.

A total of 417 dogs were stolen in the financial year 2005/06, compared to just 228 in the financial year 2003/04.

The worst areas for the thefts in London have been Croydon, Bromley, Greenwich, Haringey, Lambeth and Hackney.

The report says some criminals may be using the dogs to guard "criminal assets".

It goes on to recommend further research into why Staffordshire Bull Terriers are so heavily targeted.

The report states: "There is the possibility that such dogs could be used by criminals such as drug dealers or stolen property handlers to protect their criminal assets at various locations including homes, outbuildings or cars."

The police document notes that thefts of dogs from people's homes seems to occur when they have advertised dogs, particularly puppies, for sale. This can often result in several dogs being stolen at once.

Re: This makes me worry... by sighthound on 19 February 2007 9:56pm
Yes, it's definitely worrisome, Anne. My saluki friends in England have always had a big problem with dog theft, too. They all put locks on their gates but that hasn't deterred a lot of the thefts. They blame it on gypsies. Apparently, poachers also like salukis but I wonder if that's changed at all since the ban on hunting with dogs has gone into effect. Must remember to ask them about it.
Re: This makes me worry... by Spursfan on 19 February 2007 10:06pm
Well I know the article is all about London, Geraldine, but it is rife in the black Country (West Midlands) which is not far from us.

Here, it is mainly for fighting that the dogs are stolen.

I can't bear to think of our little Tosun being taken and being trated cruelly. It would kill him - no doubt of that.


Re: This makes me worry... by sighthound on 20 February 2007 12:48am
I've microchipped all my dogs in case they get stolen. I've heard of many cases where stolen dogs, recovered thousands of miles away from where they were taken, were reunited with their owners only because they had a chip.
Re: This makes me worry... by johnnythemonkey on 20 February 2007 2:22am
How clever Geraldine.Meg had me microchipped years ago.I had been in too many dog pounds!

Joke, for those that don't "know" me.
Re: This makes me worry... by Spursfan on 20 February 2007 10:39am
Lol! She wasn't clever enough to not pick you up again though was she Johnny? hee hee! ;-)

Yes we had Tosun microchipped when he was 12 weeks. Actually it put him off needles for life I think, as the vet took several attempts to inject the chip, and the needle was massive, width wise, it must have been painful poor little thing. Now, when he goes for his jab he is ok, (if he doesn't see it) but if there's a second one he wriggles like mad and it takes 2 or 3 people to hold him!!

We had the cats chipped too, but they had it done under general anaesthetic when they were being spayed (or if you prefer, having an ovariohysterectomy), so they didn't feel it. As litter sisters they had it done on the same day so were able to snuggle up to each other afterwards (aaah! - they are now nearly 5 and still like to snuggle together!).

We keep him as safe as we can, there is nothing more really we can do, but it is always at the back of my mind. A comfort is that because he has been neutered he is no use for breeding (though his Kennel Club name (not chosen by us) is The Black Stud!!), another reason they are stolen.

Re: This makes me worry... by sighthound on 20 February 2007 10:24pm
The people who chipped my guys were really good and none of my pups even yipped from the procedure. We all do whatever we can do to protect our pets but there are no guarantees. Life is hard.

There is now another threat here in the US. The federal government is now trying to mandate compulsory micro-chipping and the tracking of all animals (starting with livestock but it will eventually be extended to pets) with draconian requirements for reporting every time they are removed from the owner's property (like taking your horse to a show or for trail ride or taking your goat to the vet.) This is just another front to fight on to try to push back the impulse for incredible government control that has infested our nation since the paranoia from 9/11 has gotten our legislators to forget common sense and our Consitution.

Anyone who wants to know more about this legislation, contact me privately. My address is in Vitals.

Re: This makes me worry... by Ken Dunn on 21 February 2007 5:41am
There are lots of things I could worry about too but because the UK has a good government there are lots of people paid to worry about most worrisome things so I worry much less than I used to!
sighthound, your post is a good example of either political correctness gone mad or good salesmanship by the electronics industry!
Re: This makes me worry... by sighthound on 21 February 2007 7:32am
Ken, I am NOT being politically correct - far from it. You are obviously unaware of the NAIS (National Animal Identification System) that the USDA is insisting that it is going to foist on the American public. It DOES require notification to the government every time an animal is taken off the owner's property with no exemptions for a trip to the vet or a trail ride. Every time you eat one of your chickens, you will have to report its death to the government if the published regulations are to be believed. There is a growing (and very angry) protest movement against these regulations among the animal owners that they are directed against. (And these are largely Red State people who would spit at any suggestion of "political correctness" or propaganda from the electronics industry and would be as insulted as I am by your comment.)

It's late and I am going to bed so, if you want to verify what I've said, you can google NAIS or let me know and I will send you some links tomorrow.

My country has gone mad since 9/11.


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