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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Monty Python-for you by flinda82 on 9 March 2007 3:25pm
Dear Palinites!
I've created this topic, because I'm writing a thesis on MP, and I need your help. I'd like you to write about what MP means to you? How did you come across the series/movies? Does it have any effect on your life? Or anything else, that comes into your minds about the Pythons. This is not a strict statistical inquiry, what I aim is to find out what thoughts are flowing naturally among is about MP.

However I'd really appreciate it if you could give me you age and location in order to make it look a bit more scientific. :)

Thanks so much for your help and have fun!
Re: Monty Python-for you by LeoLouise on 9 March 2007 5:44pm
North London

First discovered Monty Python: 2000 watching LOB in a History class @ secondary school.

Monty Python has now become a HUGE beyond HUGE part of my life. My walls are covered in posters. I have the entire collection of Flying Circus, I have all the films, other "non python" things like Ripping Yarns, The Rutles, Fawlty Towers, Michael Palin's travel series'

As Ive mentioned in another thread, I also have the roses of MPFC tattooed on my stomach as a dedication and a statement to how much I love the guys and their work.

I have written to Michael and to Mr Idle and they have both been amazing and sent me back some lovely photos both signed with a lovely personal message related to what was written in my fan mail and these photos are now framed and displayed proudly in my house.

Liberty Bells is also my ringtone.

I am forever quoting the films or the series' and when something reminds me of a sketch or show then I will fall about laughing and no-one else will know whats going on.

I have many "Python" memorabilia.

I am forever at Spamalot. In fact, yesterday I booked the best seats in the house for my birthday.

Thats it for now but I can imagine that I will have a lot more to say once the discussion begins.

Hope that helps.

Keep loving Python.


Its playing on my DVD as we speak.
Re: Monty Python-for you by fairygirl48 on 9 March 2007 8:03pm
Patterson, North Carolina

I first discovered Python in 2003 after a friend kept quoting Holy Grail in math class. I also fall under the category of 'rabid Python fan' and own Ripping Yarns, Holy Grail, Life of Brian, and And Now For Something Completely Different in addition to the Python autobiography and both Flying Circus scriptbooks. However, I've seen most of Flying Circus, all of Michael's series, and more movies featuring Pythons than I can count. Last fall I presented a persuasive speech to my public speaking class on why they too should watch Python.

I'll never forget my English class last year...the teacher asked 'This character couldn't be a shepherd. What did he want to be?' With a straight face I replied, 'A lumberjack!'. He and only two of my classmates got the joke. Went to see Spamalot a few weeks before Christmas last year with my best friend and had a wonderful time!

As for any effect that Python has had on me, I'd say that it's been a great encouragement to me and has inspired me to take a more 'look outside the box' approach to my writing and life in general. When I see one of the films or the series I can't help but get that childlike 'I know something you don't know' feeling. If you see the absurd humor in Python, it's like you have your own little piece of counterculture. You're outside the norm and it's fulfilling.

Hope that helps! :)
Re: Monty Python-for you by flinda82 on 9 March 2007 10:26pm
Yes, they're great, thanks for the detailed acounts! Oh, by the way LeoLouise perhaps you could give me Mr. Palin's fan adress, maybe I'd get some help for my thesis. :)
Re: Monty Python-for you by Palin_Lover on 9 March 2007 10:42pm

I first discovered Monty Python only last year, near the end of the year when we discovered they were showing it on our local PBS station. Started watching every Saturday and now it's the high point of my week!

To me, Monty Python is this great bunch of guys who made a wonderful TV comedy series. It also strikes me that they were all very well-educated so they all bring a bit of intelligence and intelligent wit to the show. There's always a bit of satire that makes me laugh! Like the well-informed "World Forum" sketch with Karl Marx, etc.

It definitely affects my life lately. My life kind of revolves around it nowadays. I've become quite obessessed.

I really love every one of the Pythons but Michael Palin really sticks out to me. He's cute, funny and charming. Despite the fact I have a crush on him, I think he'd be my fave even if the romantic interest wasn't there. But, they all have great qualities and are all really really excellent actors and comedians. Michael Palin is, as the say, the nice one; Eric Idle is just a brilliant comedian; Graham Chapman is so much more than you expect out of him; John Cleese is a bit tempermental but always brings a spark to the sketch; Terry Jones is my favorite in drag, he just does it so wonderfully and he strikes me as so intelligent.

In short, I ADORE Monty Python. :) Hope this helps you!
Re: Monty Python-for you by flinda82 on 9 March 2007 10:59pm
You know it's striking to see, that you're so young. It's certainly something I didn't expect (not to mention the Spanish inquisition :) )
And you wrote 'romantic interest'. I don't want to be pushy but I can't miss to observe this point, because it seems to be an emotional affair. Do any of you has the same sort of feelings for other 'show people'?
Re: Monty Python-for you by Palin_Lover on 10 March 2007 2:05am
Lol. I figured that would shock you a bit since people of my age tend to be quite ignorant and enjoy going around buying $200 purses. But alas, not me.

Umm....yes? LOL. Jack Lemmon, Clay Aiken, Daniel Radcliffe, Jake Gyllenhaal. That's about the extent of it. And Michael of course.
Re: Monty Python-for you by fairygirl48 on 10 March 2007 4:48am
LOL-me either! And in answer to the question, yes. For Michael of course, but also other gifted people like Tom Hanks, Dave Matthews, Matthew Broderick, etc.
Re: Monty Python-for you by Caty on 10 March 2007 6:59am
Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA

My experience of Monty Python all started with my dad. He was the first one to show me Holy Grail when I was like 13 or 14, then he let my sister and I giggle to all of his old MP records, and he used to tape the series when they played it on BBC America and we would watch it together.

Last October, after my sister and I had our wisdom teeth removed, we were in desperate need of a good laugh, so we decided to watch Holy Grail again. Since then we became obsessed. We LOVE ALL of the Python films, and are slowly watching the series on youtube and each time they play an episode on PBS.

I've really come to love the Pythons just because they're SO intelligently funny or just plain silly, and like Heather said, understanding and loving Python makes you a bit outside the norm, but having that "un-normal" part about you is very fulfilling. Plus, it's like my sister and I have this secret language when we start quoting Python in front of our friends! lol Also, the Pythons remind me SO much of a few of my friends. My friend Kyle is a dead ringer for Cleese, and my friend John could be Eric Idle's twin! lol

The Pythons have also been rather inspiring for me, as an aspiring actress, it's awesome to see some pretty normal guys who went to college, and were still able to follow their dreams and be able to professionally act and make their own movies.

Plus, they're all so wonderfully adorable! lol!

I have my own little star crushes including Michael Palin, Mark Hamill pre 1978, Michael J. Fox, Ryan Gossling, Ewan McGregor... to name a few! lol
Re: Monty Python-for you by LeoLouise on 10 March 2007 10:01am
Caty, your friend John is very lucky to (almost) be Eric Idle's twin! I think Eric is absolutely gorgeous!
and so is Michael for that matter. They are both devine!
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