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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
signing in SF by macauley on 9 April 2003 7:54am
..couldn't make into downtown SF this evening much to my severe agony....had the book, would have traveled. just couldn't how did it go and how many of you showed up? heard the interview on KGO radio and it was delightful but too short...at this hour (9.00 p.m. dst) i imagine that there are still happy converts in line. let me know??!!
Re: signing in SF by Kali on 13 April 2003 10:40am
Hi hon'. I'm a horribly shy lurker-type by nature, but I guess if no one else is going to post on this thread, I must step up for my fellow SF person.

Yup, I was at the signing.....the akward-looking girl w/ pink hair, if anyone else on this board was there. Michael was lovely, of course. He talked about the book for a good 30 minutes, basically summarizing his trip around the Sahara, country by country. There was a question-and-answer thing; most of the questions were really silly, but one of them segued into Michael's hilarious and really loud impersonation of donkeys mating. That was a highlight of the night for me. :) I love thinking about how the microphone was wired so that people anywhere in the store could hear Michael, and random casual shoppers were subjected to the X-rated donkey sounds.

I was totally struck dumb when I came face-to-face with Michael during the booksigning. How can he look EVEN BETTER in person than he does on the T.V.?! It's insane!! Our conversation went vaguely like this:

Employee: And this is Jean.
Michael: Hello, Jean, how are you?
Me: blahhhh....good??
Michael: (signing Sahara) Are you a traveller, Jean?
Me: Um, yeah, actually, I'm going to Europe in May, and that's, um, going to be my travel journal.
Michael: (signing journal) Ah, well, I wish you luck on your journey.
Me: .....(thinking "God, he's got the most beautiful smile")......Thanks!
Michael: (handing me books) Take care, Jean!
Me: Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
Michael: Bye!
Me: (wandering off in a daze) Bye!!!!!

So, I didn't have the guts to physically violate him or anything, which is what I wanted to do (joking....or am I??). But I feel like I kinda got his "blessing" or something for my trip, and that makes me immensely happy. He signed the journal "To Jean- Page One, Introduction by Michael Palin." *melts*

Re: signing in SF by my dear on 13 April 2003 4:43pm
It sounds as though it was short but sweet.
Re: signing in SF by Diamond on 13 April 2003 4:51pm
did you take any photos Kali?

sounds like you had a brilliant time, thanks for sharing it with us


Lyn <>
Re: signing in SF by MissTrixiB on 13 April 2003 6:31pm
Thanks for sharing your story. I think it's wonderful that you had him sign your travel journal.
Enjoy your travel through Europe with Michael ;-)
Re: signing in SF by Dianne on 14 April 2003 4:12am
Thanks for sharing your Michael Palin experience with us Kali.
Re: signing in SF by macauley on 14 April 2003 8:31am
..thanks for the response but it does not make me feel any better for missing the signing in SF. did get to his appearance in '98 in the city (SF) and managed to get a signature on copies of both "Hemingway's Chair" and "Full Circle"....do also know that i managed to have my name show up in a small notation in the local newspaper referring to his booksigning and to a trip to Mongolia that i was taking and that i was so bold as to invite him along...the newspaper said i was going to Morocco (oops) and in any event, our Michael said something along the line of "not now, have to talk to the wife." ..and by the way, i really did spend 4 plus weeks in Mongolia and central Asia. will be ready for his next visit to the Bay Area i hope..in the meantime i am taping the "Sahara" programs.....wish that Bravo had done a better job of doing adverts for the series?!!!
Re: signing in SF by Diamond on 14 April 2003 1:20pm
macauley - if you know the area of MP's next series - what do you think the title would or should be for the tv prog and book?

have you an e mail that some of us can send you pics of MP?

at least you have met him before - there are some on the board who have not met him at all,
so Always Look on the Bright SIde of LIfe -- whistle etc.

dont forget there will be another round of book signings after the next series - hopefully in 04

Peace and meeting Michael


Re: signing in SF by macauley on 16 April 2003 12:44am
..understand that it is to be the Himalayas in '04...Bhutan, Tibet, etc. Title for the series, well the BBC will no doubt call the new offering "Himalaya with Michael Palin"! I am sure that we can think of something more suitable...but haven't thought of it as yet! "Let's Get High with Michael Palin" just does not sound appropriate. Any thoughts???
Re: signing in SF by notquitenglish on 16 April 2003 12:53am
No, but I've thought of some places for him to go... remember his Ripping Yarn about Gerald Whimsey? 'Into the Living Room With Michael Palin' 'Into the Kitchen For A Glass Of Water With Michael Palin' 'Across the Lawn And Into The Little Tool Shed With Michael Palin'
The point being, I suppose, that we would follow him anywhere...

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