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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by mrsthing on 23 December 2007 3:04am
Last night, my husband and I were driving home from church after picking up our daughter from a meeting. We'd had to pass through a huge DUI checkpoint on the way, and had to go through it on our way back. The first time, the cop just stopped us and asked if we'd had anything to drink and where we were headed. When we went through it the second time, the cop leaned into the window and said, "Good evening folks, we're operating a DUI checkpoint tonight, and I have to ask you 2 or 3 questions." I explained that we'd been through the checkpoint only 15 minutes earlier, and he let us go. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, because as soon as he said "...two or three questions", the very first thought I had was, "WHAT is your name? WHAT is your favorite color? "WHAT is the airspeed velocity of a coconut-laden swallow?" As soon as we were clear of the checkpoint, both my husband and I started laughing like maniacs--we'd both had the same thought! When I explained to my daughter, she laughed and said, "WHAT is the capital of Assyria?"

Round the twist, that's what we are; completely round the twist!
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by tucsonmike on 23 December 2007 4:28am
I am the same way, Judy. I see so much through Python it is insane.
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by sighthound on 23 December 2007 5:59am
Drunk driving is horrible but I am absolutely terrified at how easily we have accepted random checkpoints. Since 9/11 we are acting like our Constitution and Bill of Rights just doesn't exist.

This is totally ironic in a week when an original copy of the Magna Carta, the basis for the development of Western democracy, was just sold for more than 21 million dollars. Democracy is obviously worth much more on parchment than in actuality.

Al Qaeda has won. The fear of them has totally subverted our democratic traditions.
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by Katia on 23 December 2007 5:05pm
That's funny, Mrsthing. Actually my *Python-coloured-glasses-vision* could create problems to me sometimes. Two weeks ago at Gatwick airport they decided to check my bag and put it in a machine asking, "do you know what this machine does?" - my answer was ready and I had to bit my tongue before saying "it goes PING!" because such jokes would have been highly unwelcomed by the airport officials; I burst into silly giggles instead so they just emptied my bag, found a jar of Linda's (hello Linda!) apple jelly (which was obviously criminal), threatened to throw it away and sent me all the way back to the check-in desk...
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by tucsonmike on 23 December 2007 8:35pm
Trust me, Geraldine, I do see the irony.
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by canaveralgumby on 24 December 2007 1:58am
Once you've been Python-indoctrinated, there is no undoing it. It's a curse!

I was at the rehearsal march for my son's Air Force basic training graduation. It was a tearful and somber event. We were among all these lost families and loved ones who hadn't seen our young men and women in 6 wks. They'd been calling us in tears...

So the squadrons took parade formation on the tarmac, and launched into the Air Force song, "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder....." And I realize that it is the exact musical structure and even the same key as "Sit On My Face."

Does anyone remeber the old Mary Tyler Moore episode where she was going to explode trying not to laugh at the clown's funeral? That was me.

Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by johnnythemonkey on 24 December 2007 2:03am
LOL Cori ! I hope you stifled your laughter !
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by kisch on 24 December 2007 12:04pm
oh, even members of my family now quote Python from time to time... mea culpa, I'm afraid. The usual answer among my family to the question "what did you buy that for?" is "it was a bargain!". Pity they don't understand much of English, so I have to feed them Python quotes translated into Russian.
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by mrsthing on 25 December 2007 7:41pm
Oh, seeing soldiers in parade formation would have brought two Python sketches to mind: Eric and the cadets doing their campy drill, and Michael in "Meaning of Life" screaming at his platoon, "Anyone ELSE got something better to do today than marching up and down the square?.....Right, off you go then." I would have had to pretend I was crying and hide my face while I tried to make the laughter sound like sobs.
Re: Seeing the world through Python-colored glasses by mrsthing on 25 December 2007 7:50pm
Which calls to mind two other Pythonic events: a friend and I had gone out to an evening Good Friday church service at a church we'd heard about but never attended. We just wanted to go to church on Good Friday eve, and this was the only church in the area doing an evening service. It came time to serve communion, and we all solemnly and silently passed the plates of bread and teeny cups of grape juice. Then one of the ushers stood and said, "Everyone please rise while pastor Jack takes communion." And everyone stood, and the pastor was *fed* communion while we all stood in reverential (more or less, a lot less in my case!) silence. My friend leaned over and said, "What next, do we kiss his ring?" and I instantly lost it and had to pretend that I was moved to tears by the ceremony. And while I sat there trying to compose myself, I was imagining "The Bishop", with Terry Jones rushing in and crying, "The bread, rev--don't eat the bread!" and "the rev" exploding. I still laugh thinking about that, it was about 25 years ago!

Then we were visiting an Anglican church where a dear friend had just become music director. She did a wonderful job--it was her first service as music director and they were having a visit from the bishop, which was a Very Big Deal, and everyone was falling all over themselves to impress him. At the end of the service, while we stood singing the closing hymn, the Bishop marched around the sanctuary flanked by his minions with their various shiny religious implements, and I held it in until he passed me then started giggling uncontrollably, remembering many moments with Michael (it was usually him, wasn't it?) dressed as a bishop and hilarity ensuing.

Turns out the bishop was a really nice, down-to-earth guy who hated all the robes and pomp. He even said he thought it was silly, but he had to do it because he was the bishop.
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