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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by tucsonmike on 5 January 2008 2:44pm
We had a major windstorm. He was off the wall literally. Then he found a way to take his mind off it. I have this old cube toy from my old job. It makes noise and had been among the missing. Well Yerbie found it and it makes a great stress buster for him. After the storm though, he passed out on the bed all tired.

I was too busy laughing to feel sympathy.
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by Spursfan on 5 January 2008 4:43pm
Awww!! Poor Yerbie! I sympathise, having the world's wimpiest dog (sorry Tosun!!)! Having said all that he is quite sensible really to be afraid of fireworks - I hate to think what could happen if he loved them and started playing with them :( !!

He hates thunder as I've said before on this site. All his joie-de-vivre disappears.

His two 'sisters' the cats just sit through it with bored expressions - I can almost imagine them saying 'look at HIM. Scaredy-dog!'!!

Wouldn't change him for a million pounds though - he is priceless to us.

Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by tucsonmike on 5 January 2008 7:25pm
Well this morning, he really had a rough morning. I am @ work and called home.
First, there were flying drills from the Air Force base.

Then, someone was walking two dogs down the street.

Then two people passing out religious tracts showed up.

Yerbie was a happy camper? NOT!!
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by elina on 5 January 2008 9:24pm
Aww, poor Yerbie. Pörri and I sympathise a lot. For the two weeks I was home Pörri stayed outside no more than five minutes few times a day. It was quite cold in Rovaniemi surprisingly.

I'm sure Pörri and Yerbie would have fun together since they both are afraid of loud voices and storms and other stuff.
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by mrsthing on 5 January 2008 10:12pm
Poor Yerbie! I understand completely. I hate windy days. I feel agitated and exhausted at the same time. My husband and daughter feel happy and energetic and think I'm being a spoilsport.

I had a little cat who was afraid of thunder but too proud to admit it. If a storm hit at night, I'd hear the first clap of thunder, count to three, then hear the tapping of her little kitty feet on the linoleum floor (for a 5 lb cat, she had an awfully loud step) in my bedroom. She'd stride purposefully toward me and then jump up on the bed and curl up in a ball behind my knees. I'd pet her, and she'd look at me as if to say, "*I'm* not afraid, but I thought *you* might be." Then settle down and go to sleep.

God, I miss that cat!
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by sighthound on 5 January 2008 10:14pm
We just had a major storm, too. There were wind gusts up to 80 mph which left half the city without power. Our electricity just came back on after being out for 28 hours. I hate living in an all electric house! I dragged out my camping stove to make coffee and soup but the temperature in the house got down into the 40's (about 7 C). Thank God, for dogs! Getting under a down comforter with a couple of salukis is nice and toasty. The cats came through just fine and the semi-feral one even spent a lot of time outside in the worst of the storm. She seemed to think it was great entertainment. The dogs didn't fare quite as well. Keeping that all body heat going that kept us warm seemed to drain fat from their bodies. Salukis are naturally skinny but now the young one with the super-high metabolism is so skinny that I don't want any Animal Control officer to see her but, fortunately, it's as easy to put weight on her as it comes off so I'm preparing a very high-calorie stew for her right now.
A new storm has just started with another one right behind it so I'd better get to work at getting that weight back on her. (And there are NO "D" size batteries available anywhere in town!)
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by MMMmmm... on 5 January 2008 11:54pm
It can get very windy where I live, and when my cats were younger, they would act like the wind got inside them, and they'd run all around, stopping and turning, bouncing off the walls. But they kind of seemed to like the rush of it. They didn't know exactly what it was, but it was exciting. As they got older, they would just listen and look at me and each other. Now calm wise kitties who'd weathered storms. I bet if yerbie had a kitty friend, it would be kind of like a kitty support system.

*p.s.* Glad you and all your furry friends are ok, sighthound. I went through a very similar experience. :)
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by kazzzz on 6 January 2008 6:02am
Oh dear Mike you'd better stop eating all that cabbage around him!!!
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by tucsonmike on 6 January 2008 6:41am
Karen, you are bad. I got rid of the stuffed cabbage. Will eat it in Eastern Europe, where it should be eaten.
Re: Yerbie is Afraid of Wind by kazzzz on 6 January 2008 6:58am
Prunes then?
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