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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by canaveralgumby on 16 April 2003 7:53pm
Re: the "We are all sick" thread, "my dear", are you getting paid by the post? You could come to Cape Canaveral and be a subcontractor for the military. ;^)

Would most, if not all, people on this message board say Michael Palin is their HERO, or one of your heroes? Here's why he's one of mine. It didn't start that way - it started as a raging crush!

But then Python was life-changing. I was raised to be a closed-minded, prejudiced, middle-class suburban JAP to whom the world owed a favor and a living. And then I snuck downstairs at 2:00 in the morning to watch this thing. It was like a crowbar prying my head open, thank God.

Then the travel shows. The first one I saw was the "Kyle of Lochalsch" train trip. The last image was him and his wife and kids, at his home in front of the sign. Where had we seen that before? I know - NOWHERE. The warm sensation I got in my body from the thought of Michael moved upwards to my heart.

80 Days, PtP, FC - a person so devoid of race, class or age awareness. A person who could just go on stage in London every once in a while, get applauded, give the money to charity and go home. But he goes out into the big, unsanitary, untechnologized, disorganized, un-air-conditioned and not always caucasion world so that maybe a person like me, sitting on my arse at home, could be further shed of the above mentioned prejudice and superiority complex.

THEN he and Cleese came out about the disease of manic-depression and how it affected them. I know, a lot of celebrities have. But these are MY guys! And that helps me a GREAT deal.

So what's he done for me lately? Sahara? First, he gets completely naked, for no particular reason other than his people must be looking in on the message boards, not 35 mins. into part 1, and then he skillfully addresses the issue of female "circumcision" in part 2, right there in the lion's den. He didn't have to do either thing.

So when I think that I want to @!!*%! him up down and sideways, it's really a spiritual thing.

I really have to go now. - C
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by freakcc on 16 April 2003 7:58pm
sorry did i offend u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't mean to. everything u say is true and quite touching. ignore me. i've got too much time on my hands and i ramble. i think the fact that i post here tells u everything u need to know about me
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Eloise on 16 April 2003 8:45pm
What? Have Michael and John cleese suffered from depression? I never know that!
I like guys my age, but Duncan from Blue or whatever are ok, just for looks. You don't feel you know THEM, what their truly like. What makes Michael different is that you know his personality aswell.
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Helen on 17 April 2003 12:40am
you crack me UP!
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Kristine on 17 April 2003 2:31am
Ello! Cory! Welcome back! Long time no see, nice to see some many people comming back and jumping in again.

I guess I could say Michael is a hero of mine. He's certainly an inspiration that's for sure. I don't think I really need to go into why, I'm sure most of you have realized that by now. :)
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by canaveralgumby on 17 April 2003 9:56am
I'm sorry I'm writing a friggin' book here. I won't make it a habit.

Hi, Helen, um, glad I could help :^)

Hi, Kristine. I'm always looking in, but I'm really sick and haven't gone to work this week, trying to use the 'net to get my mind off the pain...

Hi, Eloise! Yeah, in fact John Cleese has suffered manic-depression, though I think he refers to it as a nervous breakdown. He has written a few comedy-tinged books with the therapist who helped him - "Life and How to Survive It" and "Families and How to Survive Them." There was a really good South Bank Show (UK) in which he talked about it, and related how Basil Fawlty was like a tool for him to work out neurosis.

Michael had one sibling, a sister who succumbed to manic-depression and took her own life, in her mid-fifties. She had gotten through their childhood during the war and the economic depression, had a marriage, raised a family, gotten that far, and couldn't lick the problem. Eventually he came out with this story. I think somewhere in the bowels of my computer I saved the interview.

It really helps me to know it because I can get complacent about my own case, and sometimes think, well, I've got the right meds, I'm doing all the right stuff, so that'll never happen to me again. And that could be a very bad mistake. Sorry, I don't mean to bring anyone down...


Hi, Lisa!! I was not at all offended by your thread. I'm sorry if I gave that impression. I thought you brought up an interesting thing. I often wonder why I'm maintaining a website dedicated to a movie star (or whatever Michael is) at my age, with a husband and kid and quasi-career and friends and family and a stove to clean and all the stuff that encompasses real life. I mean, I don't THINK I'm demented! At least the voices in my head tell me I'm not.

The guestbook is filled regularly with people saying "I'm so glad to find this site, I thought I was the only one..." so I don't think there's anything pathological about following the goings-on of a favorite celebrity, in itself. Of course I don't harbor any fantasies about drugging Michael Palin, chaining him in my basement and drinking his blood, you know? I don't have a basement.


SO let me put this out there for feedback. My husband and I went to Key West for Hemingway Days when "Hem. Adv." was under production, hoping to "accidentally" run into Michael Palin and buy him some sort of alcohol, which he never refuses on his travels, right? Our luck, we were in town 'til Tues., and he arrived Wed. From time to time, I'd stop in a hotel lobby we were passing, and say to the clerk, "I'm looking for a guest staying here, his office in London said he'd see me if I could catch him in..."

It's important to note here that his office in London NEVER said that! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! I believe the wording of the letter from the secretary was like, "...his filming schedule is often up in the air, can't say exactly when he'll be there, I'm sure he'd love to take you up on that drink if he could..."

So anyway, we thought we'd try this crapshoot of popping into the hotels and a few attractions. Wouldn't it have been a kick in the head if he was actually in one! BTW every single hotel clerk looked for him, just like that. That's scary. I almost wish they hadn't. This was pre-9/11.


Remember those guys who had fake reporter credentials and got to the red carpet of the Oscars some years ago? They interviewed a bunch of people. And their only intention was to get the picture. That's all I had in mind to do. Whadya thank? I mean, if he would just do a @#!!~/% booksigning somewhere within 500 miles of here! Do you know how expensive Key West is?!

- Cori
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Mac on 17 April 2003 4:31pm
So there you have it.
Well said Cori :)
I think no matter what people do, how famous they are or whatever, it still boils down to the fact that we are all human and the biggest setback that any human can have are ego,s and isn,t what makes the Monty Python guys so well liked/loved? What has happened to these guys happens to a huge number of us, myself icluded.

Cori I know myself that if I,m not careful I go downhill very fast, I may not be manic but have suffered with deppression for many years, I sometimes wonder how I,m still here,and I know for a fact that I am demented :) I should write my life story No One would believe it !!!

MAC xxx
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Eloise on 17 April 2003 5:14pm
Hi Kristine
nice to see everyone is still enthustiastic (did i spell that wrong?)here.
Never been depressed or whatever myself, but my friend, who's my age (16) has. It was hard convincing her she had a problem in the first place, let alone deal with it. At least John Cleese delt with his, good for him!
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by notquitenglish on 19 April 2003 6:26am
If a hero is a human being you admire for nearly everything they have done, are doing, and are, then yeah, Palin's a hero of mine.

He might not have saved the world but he saved my sanity.

And I have no particular desire to see him naked.
Re: Heroes (WAS "We are all sick") by Rusted on 19 April 2003 7:03am
I'm interested in a lot of different musicians, actors and writers that spawned from the 1960's/70's, as most of you know. I suppose I'm a bit more obsessed with these groups than the average person is, but then we all have our interests that we really get into...

Some of the people I know think it's weird that I get all excited about going to a particular concert, even if I've seen the group 4 times already in the past 3 years, or if I grin when the tiniest reference is made to them on TV or in a book. But, yes, I'd consider Michael, and a lot of the other people I'm a fan of, as a hero.

They're not a hero that one would worship, of course. But they're admirable figures, people who are older and usually wiser than me that I feel can look up to, in a strange way. If I see them living life and going through experiences, obstacles, and joy, I can acquire a certain sense of what, in the end, is truly important in life, for me, and often for all of us.

Michael's humour has certainly taught me to enjoy life, and how to make it through tough situations with the least amount of pain. His travels in themselves have certainly made us all understand the world better, and the way he deals with other people who may be different from him is an excellent model.



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