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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Inauguration's happened by geordiegirl on 20 January 2009 8:46pm
I am tearing myself away from my TV (got a new one, bigger & brighter just in time) just to say how MARVELLOUS it was to experience, 3000 miles away even. I've just spoken to a friend who feels exactly the same.

It was wonderful to watch. So AMERICAN. I just love the concept that in the depths of January winter, men & women will stand outside, usually bare-headed to go through this ceremony in view of all the people, when they could choose to be inside in a nice warm White-House space. I loved the informality, too - all the guests greeting everyone else so cheerfully - in our Parliaments that tends not to happen- and the ceremony was just right and not overdone: oaths, prayers, a poem, music, National Anthem, Stars and Stripes!! (I have Sousa playing as I write this)Today was extra special of course for so many reasons & they all came across too.

I think it's great too you can share it together in the likes of public libraries - great togetherness, as in singing the Anthem, etc.

If I weren't an athiest, I'd say God Bless America.
Re: Inauguration's happened by Lounge Trekker on 20 January 2009 8:59pm
I watched it, too. It was relaxed and almost informal, yet there was the overlying tradition and observation of protocol. So cool he could use the same Bible as Lincoln. And, yeah, everyone was positively charged and that is good.

President Obama is a wonderful orator. Not a pause, not a hesitation not a glance towards notes, yet everything he said was measured and semantically powerfull, negating the need for gestures or emotional expression.

Lounge Observer
Re: Inauguration's happened by sighthound on 20 January 2009 9:46pm
I was here looking at messages when I heard loud cheers coming from the tv in the living room and went in to see and, Ohmygod!, he's walking down Pennsylvania Avenue out in the open! There are so many armed people who totally hate him that I found that scene unbelievable (but I assume that the Secret Service must have secured every street-front office along that stretch of the road.)

And then there was the news of Senator Kennedy. I was so happy to see him looking so apparently healthy. But the emotion of this morning could send anyone into a seizure. I wish him well.

P.S. geordiegirl, I'm not an atheist since my poor little brain is not capable of defining the ineffable so I guess I'm an agnostic who definitely does not believe in a God the Father with a white beard up in heaven who dictated the Bible. (The patriarchal references by the Reverend Best-Selling-Author in his invocation totally turned me off.)

But the "God Bless" sentiment is so powerful and evocative of the best positive emotion being passed between human beings that I can't ignore it. I substitute "Goddess" for God which I hope connects the listeners with the good energy while it separates itself from the history of the vengeful patriarchal sky god. I wish I had better words for it....
Re: Inauguration's happened by mrsthing on 21 January 2009 2:07pm
I call myself a Christian, but to me, God is not a Christian. God HAS to transcend religion, or he/she/it/them is just something we made up. Personal experiences make it impossible for me to believe that God is just a mass delusion or an accident of DNA composition. Religion is what we made up, and religion is both good and evil.

But if saying "God bless America" is hard, just say, "America, be blessed" or "Congratulations and good luck, America--you're going to need it!" LOL
Re: Inauguration's happened by geordiegirl on 21 January 2009 3:11pm
Yes, I am quite confused on the God issue really - seperation of head and heart, etc. etc. You put it so well as usual, Geraldine.

Certainly - America be blessed!

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