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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Bin Laden is DEAD!! by tucsonmike on 2 May 2011 4:27am
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by sighthound on 2 May 2011 6:29am
Ah, yes.... I've been reflecting on my earlier post on another thread which I was writing when I heard the news. I was amazed that hearing of a human death would make me happy and I definitely was happy but I find the joyous crowds currently cheering around the White House to be very disturbing. This not a cause for celebration like a football victory. Yes, we all can be relieved and glad that a man who master-minded the killing of so many people will do that no more but the cheering crowds will make this into a total "us against them" propaganda opportunity for the many, many Al Qaida sympathizers around the world. We need to keep reminding people about how many Muslims he killed on foreign soil in his quest for power and that blood-thirsty power is no respecter of any religious adherent.

I don't think "justice has been done" as Obama said. Yes, Bin Laden is dead but I know he died thinking he was a glorious martyr. There probably was no way to take him alive but it would have been much more "just" if he had been brought to trial before the world and been made to face his horrible crimes and the anguish of families of his innocent victims and be shamed in the face of the world. Death he was prepared for; shame he was not.
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by kazzzz on 2 May 2011 6:58am
I agree Geraldine, he got off lightly.

I've been watching the news footage of the euphoria in the streets of the USA. While I can understand how many who have lost friends and family feel, I see this as provocative. The death of this evil man isn't the end of anything. His supporters will be watching this reaction with their eye for an eye attitudes. It's very frghtening. What's next?
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by Wild in Africa on 2 May 2011 11:21am
Why am I not so sure about this story? No body, 'dumped at sea', 10th Anniversary of 9-11 this September without OBL still being captured. I'm not big on conspiracy theories but I have some lingering doubts.
If anyone has read '1984' and remembers the Great Enemy, Emmanuel Goldstein and how this semi-mythological figure was used to inspire hate in the unquestioning populace until he outlived his usefulness. OBL reminds me of this...maybe he had outlived his usefulness as a hate figure and had to be officially 'terminated'.

So maybe, maybe not
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by Loretto on 2 May 2011 12:05pm
I read about this late last night. All this rejoicing in the streets won't bring back the people lost in 9/11.
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by suzulu on 2 May 2011 2:15pm
There will be someone taking Bin Laden's place (if in fact he is dead, WIA!). No doubt things will get worse.
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by AGM on 2 May 2011 4:02pm
I'm an American, and even though I won't miss him, I'm not going to celebrate the death of anyone.
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by Lounge Trekker on 2 May 2011 4:13pm
No body, therefore no proof of death. Will getting revenge or justice as it is called in the USA bring back the people he clamied to responsible for killing? Of course not.

Will thousands of people in front of the White House chanting Death to Islam provoke some anger in Islam? It will.

This might be part an elaborate plot designed to instigate more violence from the radical element. Or by Mr. Hairdo to somehow defame President Obama. I may becoming a believer in conspiracy theories.

Lounge Spectator
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by tucsonmike on 3 May 2011 1:33am
I understand this may not end the attacks, and cheering someone's death for me is out of the ordinary. Maybe it is too late and we crossed the Rubicon before this, I don't know.

I try to avoid the conspiracy theories. I am still glad the SOB is dead. It is why for me, politics is not fun. Both sides now have the Internet to perpetuate this.

Since Mr. P has been to Pakistan, I wonder what he makes of all this?
Re: Bin Laden is DEAD!! by MissVal on 3 May 2011 6:01pm
Well I don't understand why the authorities hide the corpse and said that they thow it in the sea ... that is strange. Where is the proof of it? Only because they say it and "pouf!" you believe! :P So I agree with some of the comments. I get completly mad toward the medias which are only speaking of it! Breath! Other people get shoot too in the world/your own country! That man is dead, is your life really changed because of it?
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