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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
For Loretto: by TERRY S on 20 September 2011 7:36pm
I hope you are not offended by my asking this, but I am curious to know your opinion on Martin McGuiness running for president of the ROI. I think it is pretty cool that he is trying to move away from his violent past and do things the right way, by the ballot box and talking to people. how about you?
Re: For Loretto: by Loretto on 21 September 2011 1:39am
To be very honest Terry S, if the people of Ireland are left with these three choices for president; Dana, David Norris or Martin McGuiness, we're in bigger trouble than I thought.

Or maybe not. If McGuiness gets the presidency, I think it is a sign that Ireland is headed in the same direction as mainland Europe, extremely nationalistic and even bordering on facist. All indicators are pointing that way anyway.

Austerity measures and an increase of non-nationals living in Ireland are making the Irish over there a very unhappy bunch. The attitudes are that immigrants are taking their jobs and usurping social welfare.

Hey, I am an immigrant in the US, I was never treated badly by the Americans. Maybe I took a job away from an American? But I was never treated poorly here.I tell my brothers this when I hear whinging about non-nationals.

If McGuinness gets it, the presidency is only a figure head in Ireland. He has veto powers, but only once has a RoI president used his power to veto government. He was called something akin to a "thundering jack ass" when he did.

My only concern about him being elected, regardless of his violent past, is that it means the mood of the country is overwhemingly nationalistic. Let's face it, the more "into themselves" a nation becomes, the more isolated they become also. Ireland cannot afford to be isolated.

When we were bailed out by the IMF in November last year, the outcry in Ireland was, "This is not what the men of 1916 died for!" I simply could not connect the dots between the IMF bailout and the Easter Rising in 1916. The more a country is squeezed for money, the more nationalistic they become, the more they isolate themselves from other countries; Prognosis=NOT GOOD

Anyway, a longwinded answer to a very interesting question;
short of it all, the fact that he might get the presidency is more worrisome to me than his actual term as RoI president. It's a ceremonial role in Ireland, but his potential election shows a disturbing trend in Europe; extreme nationalism.

Hope I haven't bored you to death. But there's my thoughts on it.

Re: For Loretto: by Loretto on 21 September 2011 2:03am
For Terry S
I just uploaded this Flickr.....

That's me with himself! :-)
Re: For Loretto: by TERRY S on 21 September 2011 7:37pm
Thank you for that, Loretto. nice piccie. I took a piccie in Sheffield, of me, Don, and our beloved Michael, however I put it on my computer, but then my computer got splatted, so I don't have it any more. I didn't have a flickr at the time. however, I do now, so if I meet him again, I'll out on flickr before it goes missing.
Re: For Loretto: by Loretto on 29 October 2011 2:38pm
Michael D. Higgins of the Labor Party is the new President of Ireland. He's a good man. I did English, Sociology and Political Science at NUI Galway, he was one of my political science professors, not on a permanent basis. I'm delighted that McGuiness didn't get the role for the reasons I had mentioned above.

The Irish elected a very intelligent man who knows a thing or two about politics. I think mimics will have a field day with his voice though. :-)

Re: For Loretto: by TERRY S on 30 October 2011 1:39am
I'm glad it's someone you like. I wish him all the best.
Re: For Loretto: by Loretto on 13 December 2011 1:53am
Here we go. I knew the Irish would have a ball with his voice, he is a smart man though....

Re: For Loretto: by Lounge Trekker on 13 December 2011 5:44am
I watched the clip of him seeking the nomination. I like him and I'd consider voting for him. Easy to say not knowing one political issue in the land.

I'm guessing his manner of speech not uncommon in Ireland?
Re: For Loretto: by Loretto on 13 December 2011 1:38pm
Oh, it is very uncommon in Ireland Pete. His was the only lecture I ever walked out of at NUI Galway. (He was a sub lecturer for my sociology and political science class) I find him very hard to listen to because of the high pitched voice, but he's a broad minded man though. I admire him for that.

The youtube group cutbacks2010 have some very funny clips up. Here's one of Enda Kenny, the current Irish Taoiseach trying to convince the Irish people that things are/will be okay before the annual Late Late Toy Show in Ireland. (The Toy Show was when we as kids watched the entire show, eyes unblinking, watching all the stuff that Santa couldn't afford to bring)


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