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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Talking Bins by Loretto on 28 September 2011 4:10pm
The Independent (UK) Tuesday Sept. 27

"Anyone who happens to drop an item of litter into a bin in London or Liverpool in the near future maybe in for a surprise. The voice of Michael Palin is likely to issue from its interior, exclaiming, "Nobody expects the Spanish binquisition!" Alternatively, the Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden might hail them with the message, "This is Amanda and this city's got talent!" In some places, Phil Tufnell will contribute "Howzat!"


That's as good as Robert DeNiro thanking me for putting my seat belt on in a New York cab. BRILLIANT! You know that people are going to play basketball with litter now just to hear those phrases. How much will it cost I wonder?

Oh Hold on....Sweden has had them for a while and they take three times more rubbish than ordinary bins. Still though, how much does it all cost?

You can see and hear the talking bins here:
Re: Talking Bins by TERRY S on 28 September 2011 4:28pm
Why on Earth would Michael volunteer for this? It's just a really dumb gimmick. People should give there children a kick up the backside and teach their children to put rubbish in the bin.
Re: Talking Bins by Loretto on 28 September 2011 4:56pm
I agree with you Terry. Black's last comment is,

"It will take more than a nudge, or witty words from a celebrity in a rubbish bin, to change behaviour."

Plus how much is it going to cost. In the 90's 38 celebrities were recorded so that their voices would greet people upon entering a NYC cab and remind them to buckle up. That lasted 6 years and then was removed because according to Allan Fromberg, deputy commissioner for public affairs at the Taxi Company, "People hated it."

Plus you know you are going to be sitting on a bench and a child is going to keep throwing anything they find into the bin just to hear "HOWZAT!" "HOWZAT!" "HOWZAT!"

Peaceful day in the park over.

Great intentions all round I am sure, but there's nothing wrong with a hefty littering fine either. Civic Pride anyone?
Re: Talking Bins by kazzzz on 30 September 2011 4:58am
How stupid. Pfffffft.
Terry I'm not sure about there but adults litter here more than children I think. It's them that need booting!
Re: Talking Bins by Loretto on 30 September 2011 12:40pm
Now here's a talking bin that would quadruple the amount of litter being tossed away;

Re: Talking Bins by Lounge Trekker on 30 September 2011 1:17pm
I pick up garbage that, somehow, lies in front of my house. I sweep up glass if it's on the road in front of my house or driveways in the immediate area. I've reported punks who have been seen throwing bottles out windows of moving vehicles.

Talking garbage cans? Ridiculous.
Re: Talking Bins by TERRY S on 30 September 2011 8:07pm
Kazz: point taken!
Re: Talking Bins by kazzzz on 30 September 2011 10:42pm
I have to say, most kids here are great with rubbish disposal. It's taught from an early age and most kids don't give it a second thought. In most public places bins are provided for both general rubbish and for recyclables.
Its also just a matter of course that in the home kids use the green waste, recyclable or general waste bins ( all three are provided to all homes)
As I said, its the people who didn't grow up with this method that are the culprits.
Re: Talking Bins by Loretto on 30 September 2011 11:02pm
I suggest talking public toilets that sing when you flush.

*To the tune of Queen's Flash, the Theme to Flash Gordon*

"FLUSH! Ahhhhaaaa! You saved the Universe!"

The talking bins are made by a company called Amberol, I looked at their catalogue. These talking bins are based on a penguin bin that thanks school children for throwing their waste away properly. They don't list the prices of their bins in their catalogue.

I know the celebrities involved volunteered their time to do this.

Re: Talking Bins by Sonny Syde on 7 October 2011 12:46pm
My kids have never dropped a piece of litter in their lives and when they were young, they wanted to chide adults that they seen doing so.
I however,am sometimes guilty of discarding a cigarette end carelessly.:(
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