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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Holy Flying Circus by Spursfan2 on 20 October 2011 12:29pm
Anyone else catch this last night on BBC4? What did you think of it?

I thought it was very good, though we had to miss the last 15 mins or so as it clashed with BB (we were recording it though so no probs).

Re: Holy Flying Circus by suzulu on 20 October 2011 12:42pm
I missed the first 20 minutes or so. Not sure about it. Will try and watch it again on IPlayer some time if it's there. Watched the 1979 debate afterwards. How pompous were Muggeridge and the Bishop of Southwark!!
Re: Holy Flying Circus by Spursfan2 on 20 October 2011 12:46pm
We recorded that too, Sue!!

I know what you mean about not being sure, sometimes they were trying TOO hard to be funny I thought? Or at leasr the script was. I thought the actor playing Michael was good, some of the mannerisms were spot on (not sure about his wife though hahahah!).

And yes - they WERE smug, I've seen that prog before (not in 1979 as far as I can remember, but later on). It really wound me up!!
Re: Holy Flying Circus by kisch on 20 October 2011 6:59pm
Just watched it. Well, it wasn't THAT awful, but I have very little to say in its favour. The bits with Pythons were embarrassing, the rest - plain boring. Pythons are just caricatures, except interestingly enough for Michael - Charles Edwards was impressive, I must say, lovely smile - but still all this "nicest man" business, this is just so commonplace. Besides, he wasn't the nicest man yet, I thought this stuck to him in the 80s. Also, this weird family of his - strange mum and wife in drag - weird and unnecessary (and not funny). Also, I didn't like that they repeated the actual debate verbatim - if it's as they asy "a fantasy" then they should have made some of the debate up as well.
All in all - NOT funny and boring.
But - better than that awful play wich I have seen at Hampstead Theatre in Sept.
Have to go now and watch the real thing.
Re: Holy Flying Circus by Spursfan2 on 20 October 2011 7:44pm
I thought the fact that the Pythons were portrayed in caricature fashion rather than seriously portrayed was one of the best parts of it!!

I have yet to see the debate - as I said before it clashed with Big Brother - but I am pleased that it was verbatim. I have seen the 'real' debate before and it is so ridiculous it couldn't have been made more so! Pompous, tunnel-visioned, arrogant - MM and the Bishop were all these.

It was obvious from the very beginning that it was hardly going to be a docu-drama about the subject.
Re: Holy Flying Circus by mp_addict19 on 21 October 2011 2:35am
I was glad someone uploaded it to YT. Watched it twice now!

I have to say it was good, except Darren's John was really wooden, could've thrown in some more facial expressions, but there is only one John Cleese. And I found Charlie very good as Mike. *in a quiet voice* And damn sexy too. *cough* Sorry, what?

Though the fight sequence was completely random and out of the air, it was still entertaining! 'It doesn't have to end like this' *pulls out lightsaber* My initial reaction to that was 'OH MY GAWD! MICHAEL PALIN WITH A F***IN' LIGHTSABER!' and so on and so forth.

They seemed to have over exaggerated Terry's little speech impediment, but then again, they were all portrayed in a caricature fashion. Which is fine :)

The fight sequence, Mike and the petition guy are my favorite scenes; and Stephen Fry as God is EPIC.

I just found MM and the Bishop pompous asses to begin with when I've watched bits and imcomplete versions of the debate. Would love to see the whole thing!

But going back to Holy Flying Circus, I found it entertaining, funny, good, and that about sums it up right there.
Re: Holy Flying Circus by Loretto on 21 October 2011 10:19pm
I just watched the first 7 minutes of it.....it's a struggle to stay with it to be honest. If the focus is on why censorship is a bad thing in the arts, why tell the story in the style of a Monty Python's Flying Circus show? It is very fragmented. I suppose the writer wanted to pay homage to the men themselves.
Re: Holy Flying Circus by geordiegirl on 23 October 2011 8:02pm
I'm with you on this one Anne (hello again Anne, hope you're OK?)- husband & I just loved it. Very imaginative & with a true Python spirit & incredibly well-reseearched too.)

As for {ythons not liking it:can't answer foer the others but Terry J tweeted (this was reported in The Guardian) 'Loved it. But why did Rufus Jones play me as Helen Palin?'

Surely happily ironic. We found this trhe most imaginative touch of all: playing Helen Palin (a private person who never seeks publicity) as a Terry Jones Pepperpot.

And, on the subjewct of fictional representations of Mr. P. this autumn. I went to see "No Naughty Bits" at the Hampstead Theatr34e - twice - once with Sue. And we loved it! Full houses every night, I'm told. Really well done & the actor playing TG looked extremely like him at that age.

About the appalling Bishop of Southwark (no wonder I went off the Church of England round that trime) - there weqas one momwent hew ticked MP off like an impertinant schoolboy for getting something wrong. Appalling. Woulsdn't be allowed on the BBC now, I think. And John & Michael weren't allowed anything like enough time to rebut the points (! rants) the other two made.

And it was a surprise to see JC doing most of the talking (extremely well, of course) - perhaps MP was simmering with anger too much.

Anyway, essentiaL viewing & very glad the BBC showed it all.
Re: Holy Flying Circus by TERRY S on 29 October 2011 1:25am
Don and I finally got around to watching this on i-player and we actually rather liked it. It wasn't the best bit of TV ever, but it was okay.

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