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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Gadaffi's Death by Loretto on 23 October 2011 3:27pm
I have a duality of emotions about what was shown on TV and now in the newspapers about Gadaffi's death and the displaying of his body.

I do believe in freedom of the press, I know Gadaffi's death is being celebrated because he was seen as a dictator, but did we need to see his body being dragged through the streets and now bullet ridden and on public display in a meat locker in Misrata?

The Guardian are showing pictures of the body and the headline reads
"Growing revulsion at the treatment of the dictator's body."

Do as I say, but not as I do?
Re: Gadaffi's Death by Spursfan2 on 23 October 2011 6:57pm
I agree with you Loretto. It was just 'mob rule', a lynch party which made the 'rebels' as bad as the regime they had ousted. Everybody deserves respect at the end of their life; surely his death was enough?
Re: Gadaffi's Death by TERRY S on 23 October 2011 8:19pm
Me, too! I an not to bothered he is gone, but his death and putting him on show like they have is horrible.
Re: Gadaffi's Death by Tbrose on 23 October 2011 11:42pm
This article, "Bury Gaddafi with Dignity," does a good job of stating that the corpse ought to be respected, even though it is the one of a tyrant.


"Treat Gaddafi’s body with dignity not because he deserved it. But because the Libyan people need it. They must commence the rest of their history with a sense of self-dignity, of triumphant pride. That self-dignity is now determined by how they will treat the dead body of Colonel Gaddafi....The proper burial of Colonel Gaddafi would also provide a signal to other remaining dictators in the region. They too must see a safe and sane way out of their bloody deeds. They too must be given the chance to recognise the world has changed— that we are not going to repeat the vicious cycle of one brutal downfall after another. All the tyrants of the region, from Iran to Syria, from Bahrain to Yemen, must be able to see a dignified way out, without NATO intervention."
Re: Gadaffi's Death by Lounge Trekker on 24 October 2011 4:50pm
If they were to grind it up and feed it to animals, and no one knew, it would have been OK with me. The public display of the desecration of a human body only promotes behaviours we hope our species has left in the past.
Re: Gadaffi's Death by tucsonmike on 25 October 2011 3:36am
Gaddafi is dead, but what follows? Look @ Egypt. Be careful what you wish for.
Re: Gadaffi's Death by TERRY S on 26 October 2011 2:56pm
I was thinking that too, Mike. Lots of political in-fighting possibly. Let's hope not. I've been watching Bill Neely's reports from Libya with interest, and hope they don't screw things up, now they have their freedom. I wish the people of Libya the best of luck.

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