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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Ellen!! by risible-phyll on 24 June 2003 3:25pm
Hi Ellen, Phew just been chasing your name around the thread postings and will now catch up with you here!!!!!!

Hehehehe just want to say Hi!!!

Re: Ellen!! by Diamond on 25 June 2003 12:31am
HI Ellen

Welcome back to the land of lunacy!

Hugs @@@@@@@@@@@

Re: Ellen!! by ellenpc on 25 June 2003 7:09am
Hiya dear Phyll and Lyn xxxxxxx :^}

Corrrr! You made my day..... :^}

Missed you to bits too!!!!! Here's lots of love and a big snuggly hug for being so special @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ xxx :^}

The old teaching schedule has lightened up a little and the family are all back to good health after an extended run of bugs and lurgs so I can come back out to play with you lot!! :^}

Must admit it's a great relief to find everyone still mainly certifiably mad, with very few succumbing to a fit of the sensibles!

Spam Rulz OK!!!!!! :^}

Oh and Michael too.......... :^}

Ellen x

P.S. How's Stevie Palinteenie???????? Has he had school exams?????

Same for Chris Lyn?????????? x
Re: Ellen!! by Diamond on 25 June 2003 4:03pm
Exams are over- phew - now we have to wait for the results at the end of August!! - dont know which is worse really!!

HOw did stevie get on Phyll??


Re: Ellen!! by risible-phyll on 26 June 2003 2:59am
Thanx Girls... Steve is fine he moves up to high school this term...oohhh I am getting old!!!........
His big brother Ross has just finnished his standard grades and feels rather confident with what he has achieved , only the envelope through the door will tell (gulp)!!!!!

Steves computer is being brought back to life from my other 'alf ,bacause there is so much downloads of any garbage he could lay his hands on that it got totally stuffed and refused to work another day!!!, he says to say hi and thanx!!...

I am getting worried as I think this may have been the FIRST ever sensible thread I've ever writen..oohhh my reputation!!!!!!

spam, gumby, albatross, upper class twit of the year, cheese, wingtips, banana sarnies, flumps, Tony, sheep,tractors, Michael, Michael and finally Michael.........Phew thats so much better now...........

love peace and traditional dress xoxo
Re: Ellen!! by pandk2 on 26 June 2003 3:42am
Glad you rectified that thread Phyll..thought it was an IMPOSTOR for a minute then!

Ellen....you're BACK!!!!
Good to see you again, buddy!! Thought the Palinitis might have finished you off...:)

Re: Ellen!! by ellenpc on 27 June 2003 1:29am
Hiya Karen :^}

great to see you too. xxx

Luckily the Palinitis didn't fell me, it was the Palinite withdrawal that was a real killer. You guys are like my oxygen! :^}

Fingers crossed for Chris Lyn xxx


Well it happens to the best of us in time. A three paragraph dose of the sensibles!


So glad to see you applying some Homeopythonic Self Help Remedy.

Here's a bit of medicinal spam to keep you on the straight and abnormal......


Ellen x
Re: Ellen!! by Diamond on 27 June 2003 1:36am
Now Phyll has started to glow in the dark - nor more spam pleeeease Ellen!!

Re: Ellen!! by risible-phyll on 28 June 2003 11:02pm
Geeee thanx Guys wow what a ride THREE paragraphs Ellen where did I find the strenght 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can only say sorry 'cause I can't spell appoligise??? I will make sure 3 never ever happens again, it's not till I sit back and read 3 sensible paragraphs that I realise the full potential of being classed as "NORMAL" (shiver the thought), Spam Meds. are working now Dr. Ellen (Phd. S.P.A.M.)
The glow it very flattering in the summer here looks so rosey in the sunlight....

Karen I am an imposter I swaped my self at birth with somebody less clever than myself... don't know if i made the right choice the cot was marked Abbie Normal, who ever she is!!!!!

Re: Ellen!! by ellenpc on 29 June 2003 1:28am
Glad to see you're gleaming to your full potential Phyll, err Abbie!? :^}

Luckily you had acted quickly which meant I didn't have to hook you up to the machine that goes "PING!"


"Can we 'ave your liver????????????"

Dr Ellen Ph.D RST LOT
(Rejuvenative Spam Therapy and Live Organ Transplants)
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