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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Syria by Spursfan2 on 27 August 2013 6:43am
Along with every other decent-minded person on the planet, my heart goes out to the people of Syria.

The regime needs to be toppled, and quickly.

However, can I make a PERSONAL plea for everything to be back to normal by the end of October, please?!

Zak and I, with a couple of friends from Yorkshire, will be in South-eastern Turkey at the beginning of November and the closest we will be to the Syrian border is about 20 miles. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office current 'don't go there' zone is about 15 miles, but I am sure this would widen if things escalate.

Last time we were in that area, 2009 I think, we actually drove along the Syrian/Turkey border for a while and watched as trucks drove across the official border.

We won't be doing THAT this time !!
Re: Syria by suzulu on 27 August 2013 1:51pm
What is happening in Syria is sickening and horrendous! So many innocent people killed.

Let's hope they don't widen the 'don't go there' zone and you are able to travel to Turkey.
Re: Syria by Spursfan2 on 27 August 2013 2:47pm
Well we will still be going to Turkey, as the city we go to is approximately 1200+ km from the border area.

We hope to stay in our apartments for a couple of days, then fly to the SE for about a week, and then fly back to the Aegean coast for another week.

The good thing about the Turkish company we use (Pegasus) - apart from them being so cheap (but good)! - is that the tickets last a year so if we can't go because of any trouble there we will reschedule and go (to the SE) next year!

It is such a sad situation and I feel bad for being concerned about our travel plans - and safety!! - when others are suffering.

Re: Syria by Spursfan2 on 28 August 2013 4:35pm
We're going to discuss with our friends whether to change our flights to Northern Cyprus for a few days (flying from Turkey).

We can go back to SE Turkey another year!


Re: Syria by TERRY S on 29 August 2013 11:41am
If you still go, be - as my fave journalist would put it - ultra cautious. Enjoy yourselves, but be careful.

The thing that makes no sense to me is all this bad stuff going on (particularly the mass slaughter by Sarin - or whatever derivative it was) and yet something like 80-odd percent of the UK (can't speak for elsewhere)are against intervention. There was even a march in London Are they completely insane. Do they condone the mass slaughter of civilians? The excuse is that by trying to topple Assad we are supporting terrorists. I can see that argument, but it isn't enough to me. We need to go in there and STOP ASSAD.Simple as that.
Re: Syria by tucsonmike on 4 September 2013 7:33am
The Chemical weapons are an outrage. I hate to say this, however. Assad is holding all the cards.

People are so afraid of most of the opposition groups, few want regime change and the Assad Family knows this. We know the United Kingdom wont do anything. The Turks and the Arab League are in the strongest position to do something. Under the American system, President Obama can fight for ninety days in a limited action with Congressional approval. It shows you just how weak President Obama is that he couldnt get anyone to go along with him. Expect Israel to jump in with both feet, because they feel more alone.

You have Bradley Manning to thank for much of this. I am already imagining Damascus as Sarajevo in 1914. Oh joy.
Re: Syria by Spursfan2 on 4 September 2013 10:03am
Something definitely needs to be done about Assad. I think we (and by 'we' I mean the West; UK, USA, etc.) should be going in.

How can we leave those poor people alone?

I know that according to the Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad armed groups backed by America, not Syrian troops, had used chemical weapons - but can we believe him? Doubtful in the extreme.

For once - and probably this will be the last time! - I agreed with David Cameron that the UK should have been on the ground to support US-led military action on Syria.

Oh - and on that point - many years ago (in fact I was 18 so only yesterday hahaha) I studied 'Central Government' as part of the Local Government exam (the other parts were English and Local Government).

I distinctly remember one phrase - "A Government defeated on a major issue MUST resign' (with emphasis on 'must').

So..why are they still in power?? Has this 'rule' been changed in the 40+ years since it was indelibly written into my brain??
Re: Syria by tucsonmike on 5 September 2013 4:21am
I read the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Statement. That has an aim to try and negotiate an Assad exit.

Fat chance.
Re: Syria by TERRY S on 6 September 2013 7:50pm
Spursfan2: I quite like Faisal Mekdad. If you watch some of Bill Neely's interviews with him, he seems really nice. Shame he has to work for a cruel tyrant like Assad.
Re: Syria by tucsonmike on 11 September 2013 2:50am
I watched Charlie Rose interview Assad last night and the President's speech tonight.
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