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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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To fattcslim - Tony by roy on 20 July 2003 4:49am
You have come very close to flaming Dianne. You do realise that flaming is not allowed under the terms and conditions of this website?
Please think twice before you post - what may seem amusing to you can appear insulting to others.
Regards Roy
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by fattcslim on 20 July 2003 9:53am
so you meen like singling me out and posting a message just for me?

i wanted to state that i found NZ boring and finland as well, but oh no someone had to get offended,mmmm, why is it that i was not offended when she said that the uk was boring?,mmmmm, maybe i should ask permisson before i type anything in and say only things like 'hello, all the worlds a nice place, where everyone is so nice and polite' well it aint like that is it, its sucks most of the time and if you also read the post i didnt say that di was boring, ive never met the lass, is it my fault she can say things to upset ppl ok, but when it is not to her liking , i have to say sorry? i think not roy. i have met a few people from NZ and i did find them extremely boring, so i took my minority view that most of the country is like this, the same as most ppl think that yorkshire folk have ferrets down thier trousers etc etc.....and as for finding offence in saying that NZ and finland are boring, may i please remind ppl whos sote this is and what song her wrote and sang, yes SANG about some where being boring? mmmmm, maybe we should not speak to, about or even mention his name because he didnt agree with certian ppl.

and as for flaming ,1st.. maybe we should ring the fire brigade and ask them to put the flames out, i dont want to cause a fire.

but then again maybe i do want to p*ss on someones bonfire,mmmmmmm, let me ask permission to do that...................

oh thats it...........


2nd point..she dosnt have to read it now does she?

and ive just found some population figures from 1999, that says the population was 3,785,600 , so how come nobody else was offended? must be my imagination eh

love,peace and yours in a mind controlled state of oblivion as per orders

uncle fattcslim big chief sitting bum
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by Diamond on 25 July 2003 1:14pm
pot calling the kettle black roy!!
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by Louise on 26 July 2003 7:56am
I would like to think that there should be no problem with us Palinites posting our opinions.

However, personal attacks can seem rude - voiced by the person who by lack of both thought and brain skills *and* awful keyboard dexterity has not been able to make their meaning clear.

Let`s all go off for a cuppa - Lou

Re: To fattcslim - Tony by Blackpudding on 26 July 2003 8:51am
Tony wanted a reaction. He got one. But he was not happy with the type of reaction. When you post things to get a reaction from someone you have to take the chance it will not be one you like. That is the nature of the game you play.


Re: To fattcslim - Tony by fattcslim on 26 July 2003 6:46pm
Pud dear dear Pud, i have no problems at all with the reaction i got, but the problems is this, i did not state anyone in perticular, did i not offend the FINNISH people? mmm, maybe they understood the palinesk humour in the comments i made. maybe if i was finnish i would have been offended by the one we call god (mr p, to help some folks)but no i found it to be joyous and funny, same as when folk state that yorkshire blokes wear flack caps and race whippets and ohhhhhhhh eat black pudding. and the nature of the game is if you give it out you should be able to take it, which the person who was so upset by my comments should look in the mirror and see how they have upset folk before,mmmmmmm

Re: To fattcslim - Tony by BookWormWizard on 26 July 2003 11:32pm
Whats all this fighting going on.....Who has insulted who.....David..Can someone be good enough to explain this missunderstanding
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by pandk2 on 30 July 2003 11:39am
Tony has insulted me...so has Phyll..Pats can't keep her gob shut, Mac has far too much to say, Lyn causes an awful lot of trouble and Missy? Don't even get me started.....
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by risible-phyll on 30 July 2003 12:43pm
and Karen won't share her cream eggs with anyone..............
she keeps insisting that Oz only sells them at Easter time!!!, I mean who's ever heard of anything sooooo rediculous???????????
Patty aren't we lucky to have 12 months confectionary??

still love you all despite

love peace and sherbet dib dabs xxx
Re: To fattcslim - Tony by Diamond on 30 July 2003 1:32pm
Too right I do Kaz

born to be wild and a real troublemaker!!

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