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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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80 Days or Sahara? by finnguy on 20 January 2004 11:05am
(I have just spent about 15 minutes writing a new thread, but when I submitted it my login session must have expired or something. So here is a brief synopsis).

I want to buy either 80 Days or Sahara on DVD. The question is which? I love 80 Days and would like a refreshing new look at it. However, I haven't yet seen Sahara and feel I should give it a look sometime. Any suggestions/comments (especially from someone who has seen them both on DVD)?


(Actually, I think it didn't allow my last message to be posted because I was slightly critical of Hemingway Adventure in it! :) )

P.S. The last thread I wrote was much funnier!
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by fattcslim on 20 January 2004 11:15am
finnguy, myself id opt for 80 days due to the fact that i found sahara hardwork to watch due to the lack of variety, even though it was a good show ive had the dvd since it came out and only watched once. and how can anyone argue with the fact that 80 days is a classic and you should start at the beginning when starting your mr p collection, maybe you should wait until march when my favorite of all mr p's travels pole2pole is out now thats a dvd worth waiting for

Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by Diamond on 20 January 2004 11:55am
ATWIED gets my vote as it is far more interesting - longer in content and more exciting to watch - will he or wont he make it back in time etc!!

then go for Sahara later but get P2P next cos that on DVD has got to be worth waiting for and dont forget full circle out later this year too!!

I enjoyed sahara but there isnt much in the desert apart from sand and camels and sheep!!
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by *Amy* on 20 January 2004 6:24pm
Are you implying that there's something WRONG with camels and sheep?! *grin*

But i agree, 80 days... more variety and that air of anxiety!
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by Helen on 20 January 2004 6:35pm
two words:
the dhow.
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by fattcslim on 20 January 2004 7:27pm
helen, isnt that what homer simpson says hehehehe
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by tominator_49 on 21 January 2004 12:06am
Why not get both? Treat yourself : )
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by Helen on 21 January 2004 12:15am
No Tony, Homer says
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by Godfather on 21 January 2004 12:21am
I love Michael's novelty trips like 80 days. But i've been watching "Sahara" for the first time lately on TV, and i'm really enjoying it at the moment (2nd episode was last night). The start of the series took a little time to get going. But now it's getting really interesting. I think these kinds of series are much more interesting and like real travel, because he's there for longer in each region and you find out more interesting things about the locals. I liked the guy in Mali who was talking about how he met his wife in the market, as she was selling milk there everyday. And the Christian missionary who refused to answer how many people she'd managed to convert (C'mon lady, just admit it's none). A lot of scenarios for these potential conversations,were less common when Michael was on the epic trips where he had less time. I'm also fascinated by the glorious colours of the West African women's clothing. Such contrasts with each other, along with the colours of desert. I also love traditional west african music like the Kora,too. So "Sahara" goes into more depth than the epic trips, and i'm enjoying these sort of series more now. Finnguy. I would suggest that you get Sahara first if you want a more "indepth" look at a particular region (which will help if you have some pre-existing interest in that region yourself). But if you're after a glimpse of regions,and the nail biting thrill of "deadlines" then 80 days will be a good choice. :)
Re: 80 Days or Sahara? by *Amy* on 21 January 2004 1:03am
Actually, Mr Godfather Sir, she sold milkshakes. And i know because i read that part just this evening.
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