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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by Izot on 26 January 2004 11:44am
I'm referring to page 112 of the Sahara book, in which Michael talks about talking to the bassist in the band at the pub he's in.... he refers to the guys as a "bass guitarist"...... *fuming again* being a bassist myself it hurts us to hear us as gutarists, who aren't particularly favoured by bassists (what did a guitarist get on his IQ test? and the rest of those nasty jokes)....... but, he being Michael Palin, I've decided to spare Him. On the offchance that He reads this post, He'd better make sure for next time.

=D Kidding, Michael. Easy mistake to make.

Carry on! =D
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by *Amy* on 26 January 2004 4:06pm
lol! i'm reading that one at the moment. How long have you been playing the bass? (note i didn't add guitar).
I've been playing since the dawn of Time........ by Izot on 27 January 2004 8:17am
I've been playing for four years (in my fourth year now, I started playing in year eight [first year of high school in Aus]), I did note the absence of "guitar", at least someone's paying attention to what I'm saying............. lol just kidding, I mean no harm really. =D
By the way, I reckon the Sahara book is fantastic, like the others before it - the series is an eye-opener, I didn't think anyone lived in the Sahara, I know I wouldn't... =D congrats to Michael and the team.
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by intrepid on 27 January 2004 12:37pm
I once tried playing bass, but I couldn't get any music out of that fish.
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by Helen on 27 January 2004 2:10pm
I am also a bassist, but I have just ignored the "guitar" part. Doesn't really bug me except when the fish starts flopping around and you can't do a wicked funk riff. I hate that!
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by *Amy* on 27 January 2004 6:00pm
Those fish are darn tricky blighters.

Izot, thats cool. I have always wanted to play the guitar but the only musical talent i was blessed with was a slightly alright voice.
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by denden on 27 January 2004 6:38pm
ah, well i have to say i'm a guitarist (self taught 16 years ago) and i must say am a bit miffed as to the reference for bassists and not bass guitarist? excuss my ignorance but it is a guitar in some form isn't it? i mean you're only 2 strings short!? as for the fish thing.....i can only agree????
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by canaveralgumby on 28 January 2004 5:31pm
Actually, it's an electrified version of a bass fiddle, perofrming the functions of that, and not just some MODIFIED GUITAR! Look, if bass players went 'round sayin' they were guitarists, just 'cause some moistened Les Paul threw an axe at them, we'd put them away!!

(Huh? How's that for parody writing? Huh?)

Anyway, is that why Chris Squire's The Fish? Well, there you go...
Forget it... by Izot on 29 January 2004 7:56am
.... forget I ever said anything in the first place. =D No, usually bassists have problems with the guitar part because most of the guitarists (well, most that I know anyway) are a bit on the nasty side, I don't mean to use bad language on this site, so I'll just say they're not very nice or easy to work with. Primadonnas, the lot of them.

As for the fish referrences, well, I guess I had that coming.

As for the Les Pauls lying around in ponds... yeah, I had that coming too. Nice work Cori - by the way, had a look at your site again (the last time I saw it, it was on the Angelfire server), keep it up. =D
Re: ......... *fuming*, Michael is spared this time......! by kidjuxta on 30 January 2004 11:12pm
Ha ha, this may have nothing to do with Michael or travel, but u guys started this post... so i *might* finish it by saying if any of you bassists are in a band and would like a CD reviewing check out my www.kidjuxta.tk website and send me a copy. Ta!
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