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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael helps us to Speak by thebookworm on 2 December 2002 10:40am
Having been helped by the Michael Palin Center for my speech...I would just like to say thank -you to Michael for all he has done for the center.......He is truly a great man.........God Bless You Mr Palin.......
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by ellenpc on 2 December 2002 10:51am
That's wonderful that the centre has helped you.........:-}}}}}}}}}}}

All the very best..:-}

With love and a big hug from NZ

Ellen x
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by nottlob on 3 December 2002 4:50am
Wow, that's awesome! I'm happy for you! How long did it take?
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by thebookworm on 4 December 2002 9:49pm
The Michael Palin Center for Stammering Children,is a excellent place,they teach you to speak slowly,relax and not to be embarassed about your stammer...When I went there first I couldnt admit that I had problems with my speech..I couldnt even say the word Stammer, my therapist taught me not to be embarassed,she even told me to talk to everybody about my stammer....Believe it or not, it has helped so much...my speech has improved so much in the last year.....Im now doing everything that I always dreamed about.....like...being an extra on television.....if you lovely people want to see me, im in Footballers Wifes starting in the New Year(im a sleazy bouncer in Stringfellows)...im also in Bad Girls, playing a postman(which i am in real life)...So its true Mr Palin has helped me so much.....God Bless You Michael for getting in volved with the center......
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by nottlob on 5 December 2002 2:09am
That's so cool! Thanks for sharing! I've never known alot about stammering. I'm glad you're cured! You're an extra on televison? Lol, never met anyone with that job, I've never heard of those shows though, I live in...Canada...lol.
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by montyfreak0234 on 14 March 2006 2:30pm
i have speech problems people think i am stupid because of it...some of the most intellegent people in the world can barely speak
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by Sophie-Louise on 14 March 2006 6:54pm
wow! that's such a nice story! thankyou for sharing with all the palinites! i'm very happy for you! what a great man he is!
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by tucsonmike on 15 March 2006 1:25am
That's great Bookworm. My closest friend in Toastmasters joined years ago to work on his stutter.
Re: Michael helps us to Speak by pandab on 15 March 2006 4:08am
I'm a stutterer as well, Bookworm, so I can appreciate the feelings of frustration and humiliation it can cause. Congratulations on overcoming it!

I took speech therapy for years as a child, but it never worked. It wasn't until I went into counselling while in the Navy that my stutter got a proper diagnosis and treatment. I still stutter, but it is rare, usually when I'm very stressed or tired.

W's are the hardest sound for me. I still sometimes do the Wide Witch of the West drill from my treatment days. It's a silly ditty the therapist made up to work on the sound ... "The wide witch of the west wields a wicked wand, waving it every which way."

In a strange way, my stutter proved a blessing in disguise. As a child and teenager, I was so self-conscious of it that I would wrack my brain for words to use in place of ones that gave me trouble. My grandmother gave me a Thesaurus one Christmas, and I used it for years. As a result, my vocabulary sky-rocketed <G>. So, in a twist of irony, my difficulty speaking led to a love affair with words.

Re: Michael helps us to Speak by sighthound on 15 March 2006 11:48pm
Eons ago, Dick Cavett did an amazing interview with Jonathan Miller (one of the "Beyond the Fringe" four.) Miller is probably the most articulate person in the English-speaking world but he was a terrible stutterer as a child. He has problems with different letters on different days so he explained how his brain would search out a synonym with a different initial letter than the one that was giving him trouble that day. This probably led to his amazing verbal facility - much like your experience, Pandab.

Cavett is starting to release his old programs on dvd and I really hope his interviews with Miller show up on them. (He had some amazing Peter Cook and Dudley Moore shows too.)
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