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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Architecture rant- opinions please! by Tibetan sunset on 26 April 2004 12:57am
I have just returned from a wedding weekend in London where I contemplated the skyline over a steak sandwich on the Thames. I considered dropping a bomb on the building which resembles an enormous asparagus tip very close to the Tower Bridge. My boyfreind is only too familiar with my rants about mixing modern architecture with
old and was too busy enjoying his Stella Artois to care anyway. Modern buildings in my opinion should not distort the view of historic works of art and should therefore be low-rise. It just looks so messy. Eye -sores! What do you guys think... Is it just me and Prince Charles who share this view?
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by TwoSheds on 26 April 2004 10:32am
I think your boyfriend has got the right idea.
Don't disturb a man when he's drinking his Stella.
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by Palinite14 on 26 April 2004 12:11pm
It does add a certain weirdness to the london skyline (but what do I know- I've never been to London). I was watching a daytime TV programme (like This Morning or GMTV) a few weeks ago and one of the presenters interrupted the other with the news just in that
'There are men on the Gherkin!!'
They zoomed in on the building, which was visible from the big window in the studio, and sure enough there were men on ropes hanging from the tip of the asparagus-like construction and cleaning the windows. It was actually quite funny. What is it for anyway? The new headquarters of the British Association Of Vegetable Growers?
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by peripatetically on 26 April 2004 12:29pm
I completely agree with Tibetan SUnset. But I think is useless to worry about it, becasue I doubt modern will be banned from the historic regions in most regions. There are some pplaces in the USA that have regulations about exisiting and newly built structures to blend and follow certain rules, but , in general, I guess we just have to go with the flow. Think about it...... for example the Louvre and it's new pyramidal sturcturtes. They're interesting structures, but quite in contrast to the original edifice.

In Vienna, on the other hand, at least there is a law that no structures can be higher than the steeple of St. Stephen's Cathedral. Still.... there are contemporary structures in the old historic district #1.

Generations from now, people will consider today's modern buildings just another period of architecture in the skyline. Consider Heidelburg's old castle, a mix of several periods of architecture. Many styles make this huge building one, which most likely stunned people at the time it was built. Today, one views it as a "pleasing-to-the-eye" historic building.
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by Tibetan sunset on 26 April 2004 2:54pm
The so called 'erotic gherkin' is on the site of the old Baltic exchange which was bombed by the IRA in 1992. A Swiss Insurance company occupies the new 'vegetable' which was passed by another vegetable - the over boiled John Prescott!
Peripatetically, you are right - I should not worry.I JUST DO
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by Godfather on 26 April 2004 4:37pm

Did the BBC program about Wren building St Pauls Cathedral, inspire this post?. It was a very good program, and it showed how we've changed in our approach to the things around us. No longer do we mix inner beauty with outer beauty as creativity. Now we just build according to practicality, and everything lacks in subtlety and style. It's a shame really.
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by Tibetan sunset on 26 April 2004 6:41pm
No Godfather,didn't see that and it is as you say a great shame that todays architects don't have an eye for subtlety as well as what they consider to be beauty. It just seems a matter of plain common sense to me that you don't overshadow history with more history if the overall effect is such that the former disappears into a indefinable blur.
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by tominator_49 on 26 April 2004 9:27pm
Yes I think old buildings are lovely, but if you think about it we'll never be able to keep old buildings. They get knocked down all the time, either due to structure or space. I do think it's annoying when lovely old victorian buildings and street lights get replaced and taken down but there's not much you can do. One day the Empire state building will be old fashioned.
And I HATE that stupid gerkin tower! It's so bloody ugly. It needs a major revamp!
Re: Architecture rant- opinions please! by Tibetan sunset on 26 April 2004 10:06pm
well i think that in London for instance, there are many period buildings that will outlast some of the latest eye-sores and that for the time being(still many years to come) any unsightly erections/gerkins and the like should be restricted to a belt away from the city centre. I mean, what next, a 200ft ..... in the middle of Oxford!
it is not just in london by irishmanufan on 27 April 2004 12:09am
there is a 200 foot pole in the middle of Dublin city's central street , o connell street , called the millenium spire . it took millions to build and assemble as it had to be brought from the foundry in rural ireland , where it was made , in pieces on big flat bed trucks , the traffic disruption caused by the building of the spire was cronic . trucks and machinary blocking part of the road and on a couple of sundays when the trucks came in with the part of the spire for assembly o connel street was closed off altogether .
the money it cost would have been better spent giving more tax breaks to charities , helpping the homelss and needy etc .
near where i live is a very historic boat pier that has been used for a long long time. it is called the carlyle pier . it dates back to the time whe there was english rule in ireland (i.e before 1922 ). ever since the new port was built it had fallen into disrepair and deriliction . archetects were invited to put forward plans to do up the pier. they made a big fuss about putting the plans to public consultation and carried it out . guess which plan dun laoghire rathdown county council picked as the final plan to be used in the re building . yes the plan that was liked the least . they should not have bothered with the public consultation if they were going to ignore it . typical irish way of doing things .
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