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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
junk mail . by irishmanufan on 3 May 2004 12:36pm
just finished clear up my e-mail . junk mail agrivates me . i get so much of it . i am female there fore i need nothing enlarged , i don;t want to go to adult web sites , i get any medication i need form the chemists , i already go to language classes . janey mary when does it stop
Re: junk mail . by fattcslim on 3 May 2004 1:42pm
linda try one of the spam programs like i sent up to berty , they seemed to work fine i got them from

Re: junk mail . by Godfather on 3 May 2004 1:49pm


What do you use? Hotmail? Yahoo? Outlook express? If it's the later, then that's notoriously easy for spammers to flood. But with Hotmail (which i use) i use the exclusive filter. That means,that only addresses i know,will make it through onto my main inbox page. Anything else, will go into a junk folder for me to "peruse" at a later date when i want to. If you do use exlusive filter, then make sure you dont set it to auto delete as you may of forgotten to place a friends new address on your "safe list". Make sure it puts all unknown mail into another folder for you to view.
Re: junk mail . by tominator_49 on 3 May 2004 2:39pm
Isn't hotmail great, Godfather?
Re: junk mail . by Godfather on 3 May 2004 7:01pm

Hotmail certainly is better than it used to be.

Re: junk mail . by irishmanufan on 3 May 2004 8:09pm
i have 2 mail adress , one yahoo one hotmail for personal mails and one , using microsoft outlook for the company dad and i run . hotmail and yahoo have junk mail folders as explained by God father ( thanks by the way :0) ) i was just making comment about the different types of junk mail in the junk mail folders .
the hotmail and yahoo junk mail folders work differently . hotmail puts any mails from people not in your address book into the junk mail folder . it is essential to have a look before delteting them . yahoo just sends mail with more then one address on it into it;s junk mail folder . i wil. read your trojan post Godfather i hope it is not too technical . i am a duh brain when it comes to how a computer works ! i am off right now to do just that !
Re: junk mail . by Godfather on 4 May 2004 12:50am

>i am a duh brain when it comes to how a computer works !

So am i. But since yesterday,i've been forced by circumstances to learn fast more about how the PC interacts with the rest of the world when you're logged on. I knew the basics. But i honestly had no idea how damn vunerable we are. I suppose we forget exactly "what" we are doing when we connect, from the comfort of our little home. It's so easy to forget that we're actually opening our PC up to Billions of other users,many of them with less than honest intentions while online. Scary. Anyway. From now on,i shall reside amidst a wall of burning fire, with turrets and archers from above (not forgetting the landmines for them step on of course). :)

As for Junk Mail. I seem to be lucky,as i dont get any ..... enlargment adverts in my junk mail (perhaps they heard the rumours?). Mostly,i get the odd Junk mail now and again. Apparently,anyone's biggest mistake is to make that fatal mistake of once posting your email address on a discussion board, or entering it to recieve subscriptions on fairly cheap looking sites. Hackers get in, and steal every addresse on there. Hence, the massive Tsunami flood of nonsense mail, which just wont ever stop.

Re: junk mail . by George on 4 May 2004 7:11am
Contradictory Advice Dept.-Most people I know "block" their unwanted email. That sends a signal back to the sender, which has a program sending adverts to literally thousands of random addresses, that a "hit" has taken place on certain addresses. For a long time I was getting adverts from a wide variety of porn sellers. I was complaining about this to a friend, since I work with kids, who told me not to block it anymore and eventually it will stop as the smut peddlers will think the address has been dropped. It worked.
Re: junk mail . by Godfather on 4 May 2004 7:17pm

I think you're right in regard to "active" blocking (as in checking the box and blocking the individual address). Certainly replying to these Emails out of anger,was the thing that made them aware of your existence and then swamp you. But Junk Mail filters simply move any mail from an address they dont recognize,into a seperate folder. Then i just check the box on the left of it and delete it without getting any problems later on. I very very rarely get junk mail nowadays.
Re: junk mail . by George on 4 May 2004 11:21pm
You're absolutely right. I was wondering why I get adverts from some truly offensive sources and not the zillion or so people out there selling pizza, auto supplies, etc. Someone told me recently his Junk Mail filter catches about 40 a day which he never opens.

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