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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
The Trojan Horse by Godfather on 3 May 2004 7:05pm


Godfather is suffering from Worms.

Yes, i know this is a very long post from me again. But i thought you folks may be interested in this. It will wake you up to the dangers of being connected to the internet while doing anything on your PC. Scary stuff.

Basically,since yesterday i've had to grapple with a Trojan worm infection on our PC though. Not like the wooden horse one from the Holy Grail (although,i wished this one had been left outside by mistake,like theirs).

Suddenly noticed yesterday that our computer's Norton Firewall and NortonAntivirus protection had been disabled suddenly . No matter what i tried to do, i could'nt get them back on again. Something had disabled the ability to turn them back on. I knew that was bad news and disconnected from the net immediately, as it's pretty obvious something is not good.

Something had got in through a back door method of my PC and disabled them permenantly (along with many other methods you can use to track what it could be that is doing this). Basically, they cover their tracks at all times to stop you finding where they're located. The more i proceeded to read up on the net (while unprotected) the more i discovered about these nasty little things that sad pathetic people spend their lives sitting around cooking up,as they've got nothing better to do with their lives except ruin other people's (that's my rant out of the way now).

Some of these Trojans can hijack everything on your PC and use it so that they can monitor what you do on your PC, from the comfort of their faraway PC. Even going (apparently) as far as hijacking your webcam to view YOU (if you have one), along with listening through a microphone you may have on your machine, over the internet. Unlike viruses, you may not even be aware that your PC is harbouring a Trojan. That's the prob.

Some also record every keystroke you make on your keyboard and transmit that info across the net to them (remember that the next time you enter you Credit Card details to purchase something). I spent the entire day yesterday trying every method and scan program known to me to try and locate this (without luck). All of them said my system was clear (which it obviously was'nt). It must be a brand new and unrecognized Trojan worm.

Eventually i had to completely wipe the PC and re-install everything. All was fine again. Then this morning i noticed our firewall and antivirus software became disabled again when i downloaded something. * I'll break in here,and let everyone know that apparently there is a sudden epidemic of these occuring across the net in the last few days. Be carefull what you download in the next few days *. I was naturally furious. I spent this morning using all sorts of new scanners and cleaners to locate it. Someohow, one of them must of found something suspicious and erased it as we're back on again as before, with no problems. But, i've learnt a lot more about the Net since yesterday :o

In short,the only true way to avoid any potential problem is not using your internet AT ALL. It's the ONLY way to be 100% safe from any spyware,viruses,or trojan worms. It's that frustrating. Yet,nobody is going to be able to abstain from using the internet. It's the risk we run, the more complex the internet and computers become now.

Apparently these trojan worms (which are different from your usual virus) can hide and get inside your PC through "Ports", and within infected downloaded backgrounds,pics,mp3's,wav files,text files,and a multitude of other everyday items you may use on your computer. In other words, there is absolutely nothing you can do to be totally safe and not be at risk. Anyway. All seems well (at the mo). But i'm not celebrating just yet, incase it may decide to re-appear.

P.S : If any of you are interested. You can download a free program called "Adaware" http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ from the net,and run it's scan on your PC. You will probably find that your registery and cookies contain multiple Spyware programs which sites you've visited,use to transmit vital info back to them such as your purchasing habits,tendencys, which sites you visit, and much much more. The first time i used it about a month ago, it located about 83 spywares in out PC. I would urge you to download it and use it,and then delete what it finds. The more i learn, the more i paranoid i get regarding internet. It's worrying.

Finally.Read this article (3 pages of it).

It will seriously make you re-consider using internet for anything sensitive.


Re: The Trojan Horse by Helen on 3 May 2004 7:33pm
Thank god I have a Mac...
Re: The Trojan Horse by George on 4 May 2004 12:32am
Godfather, my heart goes out to you. That said , a friend of mine who is the business to know these things advised me a long time ago to buy the Norton Porfessional Security "ultra delux" package and update it every week. It's not cheap, but what's the price of someone's privacy or time lost? Since then, I've scanned my system at least once a week and found hundreds of viruses, mostly adware. I've never had a problem or sorry I spent the money.
Re: The Trojan Horse by Godfather on 4 May 2004 12:39am

It's certainly fascinating stuff. Something good can come from all disasaters,they say.I've spent the day finding out all sorts of ways to protect the PC more and more. There are many Forums where the Techies reside,and they know all the tricks of the trade. We have Norton Internet Security, with the Firewall and Antivirus. But this Trojan thing somehow considered that a piece of cake to walk over and disable. I've since read that it does'nt matter how good your Firewall is, if there is a loophole in your browser somewhere. There are some secure sites that you can go to,where they check your entire system from a distance and tells you if it's found any backdoor (or underground tunnels).One test site said - "If your Cd-Rom drive draw opens now,then there is a breach in your browser". Guess what happened? The bloody thing opened..hehe. Freaky stuff. I thought there was a Poltergeist in the room. Now it's getting fun as i build up my defences for the next surpise PC Pearl Harbour attempt. C'mon. I'm waiting for ya :)
Re: The Trojan Horse by George on 4 May 2004 6:52am
Good Hunting!!

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