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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by Helen on 12 May 2004 6:25pm
I bought the YesSpeak DVD yesterday to console myself since I can't see them tonight (they are playing 45 minutes from me tonight.. snif snif.. I will be there in spirit)
anyway-- It is amazing. get it.
190 minutes of YES. can't lose.
And awesome audio tracks from the tour.

God I love these guys... sigh...
*sobbing after hearing Awaken*
that last line gets me every time..
"like the time I ran away, turned around and you were standing close to me..."


How is it they still sound AMAZING after all these years? They don't sound tired or old-- just incredible.
Re: YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by canaveralgumby on 13 May 2004 2:48am
Thanks for the reccomendation, Helen! Sorry you couldn't go.

Jon Anderson is touched by other-worldly forces, don't you think? I think there have been 13 or 14 people who have been in Yes at one time or another since they formed in 1969, and to my knowledge, they're all alive and well. That goes against the actuarial tables for rock musicians.
Re: YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by ellenpc on 16 May 2004 1:11pm
OH Helen, what a bummer you can't see them live! That's rotten luck! :^{ :^{


But the DVD sounds amazing, we'll have to order it through UK Amazon as it hasn't surfaced here yet.

Ummmm, what with the Full Circle DVD coming out shortly and Ripping Yarns DVD AND this Yes DVD, we'll have to send our cats out to get second jobs in order to help us pay for this tempting bundle..........

Hubby's here to send you some comforting, empathetic words...

Take it away, John.........

[a shuffling is heard as the computer chair moves ... falls over ... and finally loses it's wheel]

So yes ... Awaken is absolutely one of the best.

As for their longevity - yes it is rather good.

I was listening to some bit's and pieces
today also. Some of the bits from the "In a word" set. Amazing to hear the changes across the years.

Would love to hear them live (also some more modern "Prog" bands like The Flower Kings). They don't even get close to coming down here to NZ! :-/

Nevery mind. Nice to hear from you all!
Re: YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by Helen on 18 May 2004 12:56am
my Yes head buddies-- here's a funny story-- Yes related.

i am a bass player, mainly self taught. I took TWO lessons. Squire is my bass god.

Rewind many years ago when I was twenty two years old:
Anyway, for my second bass lesson my instructor told me to bring in some music that I liked and he would study the bass line and teach me to play it..

I brought in DRAMA by Yes.

My instructor asked me what song I liked the best. i picked "Tempus Fugit."
Have you heard the bass riff in this song??? It kicks serious a$$. And it is fast and skippy and very difficult. But it rules and I wanted to learn how to play it.

So my instructor puts it on the turntable, bass in hand, and attempts to follow Squire's bass lines.

After two pathetic plucks, he gave up. He told me to bring in something "simpler" for the next lesson.

There was no next lesson. I thought, if you can't teach me to play like Squire, who needs ya? :)

so I joined a punk band. go figure.
plugging marillion again by irishmanufan on 18 May 2004 1:08am
if you like yes you should try the following marillion albums . in no particular order :
brave (1995)
script for a jesters tear (1983)
misplaced childhood (1985)
clutching at straws (1987)
marbles (2004)
this strange engine (1997)
anoraknophobia (2001)
try www.marillion.com for more details . the rest of thr marillion catalouge is excellent too out you might find it a bit poppy for your taste . although don;t met me out you off !
jon anderson must wear some tight knickers as i heard him sing a song with mike oldfield called shine and boy did he have a high voice !!!!! i think it might have been in the mid 1980's . must check cd sleve
Re: YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by canaveralgumby on 18 May 2004 3:44am
You wanted to play "Tempis Fugit" at your second ever lesson?


Sorry about that. *AHEM* I'm sure you're good. Have you done anything we can hear? mp3 or some type of streaming maybe? - Cori
Re: YES heads-- Cori and Ellen and John by Helen on 18 May 2004 2:31pm
I know, i am nuts.

No, I'm not good. I make noise-- but i can keep up and I can lay down a nice riff. I am no Squire.
No mp3s or anything.
Google "mushbum" and see what you come up with.

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