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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Miss-M on 7 January 2003 4:06am
Hey everyone! I recently became a fan of Monty Python (and of Michael Palin in particular) after watching LIFE OF BRIAN. Since then I've sought out their other feature films and have managed to view the first three series of Flying Circus. Among my favourite sketches are the Dead Parrot, The Spanish Inquisition, Vocational Guidance Counsellor, Strangers in the Night and of course, The Lumberjack song!

I'd also like to say how much I enjoyed Michael's film AMERICAN FRIENDS - his sensitive portrayal of Mr. Ashby confirms what a wonderfully talented individual Michael is. I was all the more moved when I discovered that the story was inspired by the life of his his great-grandfather; what a remarkable man he must have been.

This is a fantastic website - I'm glad there's a forum where Michael's fans can get together to discuss the man and his work. Thanks for filling our lives with so much laughter, Michael. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and hope I'll get the opportunity to meet you when you're next in Australia!

Kind Regards,

Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by andrewhh on 7 January 2003 5:07am
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Dianne on 7 January 2003 6:50am
Hi Michelle – welcome to the chatterbox. Everyone here are very friendly and we tend to call ourselves Palinites. Some may call us other things, but that is a different matter. :-) I too hope you get the chance to see Michael when he is Aussie this year. There are a few of us Aussies and Kiwis who want to see Michael when he is down this way, but there is a problem with lack of information and in Ellen’s case a wedding getting in the way. I hope you will join in and post merrily away.

Post, post, post your message, merrily on the chatterbox. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is a Palin dream.
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Rusted on 7 January 2003 8:48am
Hello Michelle!

Welcome to the chatterbox and thanks for your Python-discovery story. :O)

Am I the only Palinite in the world who can't get her paws on "American Friends"?? I'm going to have no other choice but to order it online soon...

Re:a fellow traveller by piernikarczykmj on 7 January 2003 8:10pm
i enjoyed watching michaels sahara series and have just bought the book.
lo and behold 2nd cover inside shows
michael sitting by which must now be one of the most photographed road sign
ever.i have also sat at the same sign.
any thoughts as to whom may have painted
this sign, perhaps one of the local men
or women or perhaps an old hippy of the 60,s era who knows.shouldnt get to excited over a what is basically just a road sign.has any one else sat there?.i wonder where michael will go next whats this about hemingway. why not go to the
pelloponese plenty of interest there.follow the venetian empire visit there old forts and now defunct cities like mistras. of course travel takes time and funds ands its this time of year that the best plans are laid.
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by SingDino on 7 January 2003 8:13pm
Hi Michelle!

Welcome to the chatterbox! Never will you find a group of lovlier Palinites.

Do you like Spam? ...there are those who do... *looks around*

-Candice (dodging spam particles left and right)
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Miss-M on 8 January 2003 11:48am
Thanks for the welcome :)

Candice, I've never actually tried Spam! Is it...nice? *Hehehe*

And Mary, do try and get a copy of AMERICAN FRIENDS if you can, it really is a marvellous film and I'm sure you'll love it!

Oh, just out of curiosity, how many other Palinites are from Australia?

Michelle :)
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by GwenDibley on 9 January 2003 2:21am
G'Day Michelle!
I'm a Palinite left right and centre and am also from the Land Down Under. Im actually from Sydney. Michael's is coming down for a visit this month, Im not sure when! But im counting down the days anyway! Lucky you for getting your hands on 'American Friends' I cant seem to find it anywhere. I have actually just finished watching the German episodes of 'Monty Python' and I love the Fairy Tale when Michael is that ugly prince. That was hilarious.
It sound quite normal that you got into Michael by watching 'Life of Brian' i discovered Python when I was about 8 or 9 and watched 'Wind of the Willows'. My dad then rented 'The Meaning of Life' and when it got up to the scene about Sex Ed. he turned it off abruptly. I have later watched the end of that movie! Hehehehe.
Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by Miss-M on 9 January 2003 6:17am
Hello GwenDibley!

I've also seen the German episodes of 'Flying Circus' - it's great how they went on location and learnt the language so they could perform all the sketches in German. I thought the Lumberjack song was particularly amusing!

Will you be going to the in-store book signing in Sydney at the end of the month? I noticed Andrew posted the details today.

Michelle :)

Re: Greetings from an Aussie fan! by JAC on 9 January 2003 1:44pm
Hi Michelle
Another Aussie MP fan here. I am in Perth. MM is here this month for the arts festival, He is doing the grand tour I think so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Welcome to the site, I have only been on for a few days myself but every one is really warm and welcoming.

Julie X
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