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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Famous Michaelisms by my dear on 6 November 2004 9:16am
Somebody else has a thread going titled "Famous Bushisms".

How about famous Michaelisms!

Here are two that come to mind:

"Ah, retained water!" - that was from Pole To Pole, of course, when M.P. couldn't find a plug for the bath.

"Welease Woger!" - okay, I don't have to explain that one, surely!
Re: Famous Michaelisms by Helen on 6 November 2004 4:41pm
when told that they can't use the lion in Scott of the Antarctic because "there are no lions in the Antarctic"
Re: Famous Michaelisms by intrepid on 6 November 2004 7:04pm
"Tonight we're going to talk about- well, that is, I'M going to talk about- actually, I'm talking about it now. Well, I'm not talking about it now, but I AM talking. I know I'm pausing occasionally and not talking during the pauses, but pauses are part of the whole process of talking. When one talks, one has to pause. Like there! I paused, but I was still taking. And there again!
Re: Famous Michaelisms by my dear on 7 November 2004 8:39am
How about:

"... I'm sure you won't have a problem hitching a lift... pretty boys like you."
Re: Famous Michaelisms by my dear on 8 November 2004 10:16am

"He asked me what my name was, and I told him Michael. By coincidence, his name was Michael too! And so was his camel!"

"... and so the three wise Michaels set out into the desert..."


"My name's Michael... Michael Caine."


"Michael! Michael Jackson!"


"Hello, I'd like to order a book from your bookstore."

"And what's the name of the book you would like to place on order?"

"It's called - Ernest Hemingway's Michael Palin Adventure."

"I can't seem to find that on our records."

"Then check again!"

"Are you sure that that's the title of the book?"

"Yes I'm sure!"
Re: Famous Michaelisms by Sky on 8 November 2004 11:16am
"...out of the door, line on the left, one cross each."

Re: Famous Michaelisms by Spursfan on 8 November 2004 12:46pm
As above but...."Crucifixion? Good." etc etc! (And when Eric Idle explains that he was joking about being let off) "oh I see, very good, very good, well..." It's my fave part of the film!
etc etc

"...yak buttock". (last night!)
Re: Famous Michaelisms by Godfather on 8 November 2004 3:17pm

>>Famous Michaelisms

Are we talking in the context of the travel series? If so, then some of my favourites are from 80 days, such as :

(camera looking at Michael sitting in British Rail train,with his hand to his mouth) "These people dont know me....They dont know that i've crossed Saudi Arabia,seen China,sailed across the Gulf in a Dhow. Does'nt it show?"

(incident with the Paper seller in London) Michael - "Oh it's so wonderful to be back in England,where everybodys so happy and polite and fun loving" (walks away in bad mood)

Re: Famous Michaelisms by fluffypinktarantulas on 8 November 2004 4:56pm
"himalya...the best way to get high"
Re: Famous Michaelisms by manar on 10 November 2004 12:57am
My favourites are:

Around the World in 80 days

(When arriving in his Hong Kong hotel room, he picks up an envelope) "To Mr Michael Palin, what an extraordinary coincidence, that's my name" (priceless)

(Tokyo capsule hotel)

"Are these the rooms" (when shown the lockers!)

"Jesus Christ, no chance" (when told guests can't be wearing sandals)

(when showing the view of the Pacific ocean from the Neptune Garnet, after crossing the International Dateline)

"The Western Hemisphere..great, isn't it! It's my kind of hemisphere, if you know what I mean!"

(when he's prepared his Chinese remedy
in his cabin on the ship from Shanghai to Japan) "give it a stir with decadent western pen!

I have many others, but these classics spring to mind!
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