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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Michael's cats.. by Katherine_B on 11 November 2004 3:57am
In one of his messages on here, Michael says that he has three cats. Does anyone know their names?

On a different note, can anyone help me extol the virtues of cats to my dad? He won't let me have one as 'they scratch, get lost or get run over'! Sob..... :(
Re: Michael's cats.. by Helen on 11 November 2004 3:26pm
I think one is called Albert.. the others, i forget...

Tell your dad that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt. (They are still worshipped today by some. You should see the Siamese cat group I belong to. We're modern day worshippers).
Some believe that in order to find God, you just look into the eyes of a cat...

Cats warm your feet on cold nights. Cats purr and cuddle with you when you have had a bad day. Cats know the simple pleasures in life: sleeping in a sunbeam, climbing curtains for fun, eating with gusto, teasing the dog, stretching as often as possible, etc etc. humans can learn much from these critters. just watch, and learn...

Can you tell I cannot live without cats? Not possible. Must have a feline presence. can't imagine my life without it.

Take your dad to a local animal shelter to look at the cats. I bet one of them will completely steal his heart, and he will take it home and spoil it rotten.

Re: Michael's cats.. by Helen on 11 November 2004 3:35pm
this just in, cat puns!
these are really kinda painful but quite silly. enjoy!

What do you call a cat that has just eaten a whole duck?
- A duck filled fatty puss!

What did the cat do when he swallowed some cheese?
- He waited by the mouse hole with baited breath.

What happened when the cat swallowed a coin?
- There was some money in the kitty.

What do you get if you cross a cat with a canary?
- Shredded tweet!

What do cat actors say in a Shakespearean play?
- Tabby or not tabby! That is the question.

What is the only kind of work a weak cat can do?
- Light mouse work

Why did the mother cat put stamps on her kittens?
- Because she wanted to mail the litter

Where did the kittens go on their class trip?
- To a mewseum (!!!!)

What does a cat get from watching too many Mickey Mouse films?
- Disney Spells

Where did the first cats live?
- Purr-sia and Paw-tugal

What do you get if you cross a parakeet with a cat?
- A peeping Tom

Hear about the cat who was a tennis fan?
- He had two brothers in the racket.
Re: Michael's cats.. by George Dubya on 11 November 2004 4:32pm

They should all be exterminated!
Re: Michael's cats.. by KateC on 11 November 2004 6:32pm
How evil... Cats rule!
I have 5 myself.. Yes quite a few I know but they are such good company. I talk to them and everything, that may seem mad to non-cat people but people who have cats will understand :D
I have 3 girlies and 2 boys; a tortoise shell, 2 tabbies, 1 black fluffy cat and 1 grey fluff-ball. 3 of those we have had since they were born (cat had kittens) :) Cat people rule! :D

Good points about cats:

- They are cute

- Good company for when you are alone

- Cuddlable

- They don't claw if you fuss them lots when they are young (none of mine are vicious, they are all mega fuss-pots)

- They are a great talking point (I mean look at this big message I have managed to write just on cats!)

- They are amusing, and they go crazy with catnip plants (we planted one and it lasted less than 1 day before it was eaten and flattened... apparently it has the same effect on cats as drugs do on humans...)

- They are one of the best animals in the world! :D
Re: Michael's cats.. by Jaq D Hawkins on 11 November 2004 9:48pm
Cats are wonderful creatures.

They purr and they keep the vermin away. They are warm on your neck on a cold night. They eat very little and give lots of affection in return.

It has been proven that old people who keep cats live longer, they are therapeutic.

And they are clean.

And as Stitch says in Lilo and Stitch...

And cute and cuddly!

Some cats save on heating bills by getting into the blankets with you and keeping you warm. They can also sense if someone is not trustworthy, watch how the cat behaves toward anyone new that comes in the house.

Does dad have a garden? They keep away the birds that steal the seedlings.

Tell him the alternative is an anaconda. ;)

~ Jaq

PS, almost forgot the old rhyme;

Cats are good
Cats are great
cats are clean
They lick your plate!
Re: Michael's cats.. by Jaq D Hawkins on 11 November 2004 9:49pm
Ok I can't resist, here is my cat's webpage...

Re: Michael's cats.. by Helen on 11 November 2004 10:32pm
Jaq, Lucky is very cute. Very cute indeed.

And you are so right about cat sensing the baaaaaad people. They are ALWAYS right.

Cats are also very very silly.

I have two, but I grew up on a farm where we had many-- I think I lost count at 25. We had a lot of ahem, "drop offs."

Re: Michael's cats.. by Ken Dunn on 11 November 2004 11:26pm
I don't like cats because:
1) They try to catch our goldfish from the pond but it is fun watching them fail.
2) They scratch over seeded ground and spoil plants.
3) Some people are allergic to them.
And I don't know the names of Michael's cats.
Re: Michael's cats.. by Godfather on 11 November 2004 11:31pm

I love cats because they're unashamedly two faced :)
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