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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Is Michael Palin nice? by Wild in Africa on 18 November 2004 11:49am
Right I'm really going to put the cat among the pigeons here, step on a few toes and probably mix a few more metaphors in the process.
If I was Michael Palin and I heard one more person referring to me as 'nice' I would probably want to grab a chain saw, head off to the nearest shopping mall and let rip screaming 'who's nice now, huh, huh'?! (or perhaps singing 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm Okay')
Nice is such a bland word, so inoffensive and cuddly. Monty Python was all about challenging the aridity of the British middle classes and poking fun at Averageness and niceness and blandity (am I making up words here?). Michael was so good at that in the roles that he played from the Lumberjack who was a secret transvestite, to the bank clerk who wanted to be a lion tamer. After all that does he really only want to be remembered as 'Nice'?
Yes he does come across as a decent bloke in the travel series that he has done. I am not doubting that he is a good decent reasonable bloke with a wicked sense of humour but for f!£@s sake can't we find something better to call him than Nice, please!!!
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Sky on 18 November 2004 12:03pm
I agree, nice is such a bland word. "A decent bloke" sounds a little better, but I guess the best word would be "genuine", he dosen't fake his wonderful nature or put on a show...it's who he is.

**is that spelt right?? I'M HAVING A BAD DAY!!! >:0(
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by dangermouse on 18 November 2004 12:51pm
Michael's just human like you and me, except that he's a bit more well known. Working on the premise that you can't bring out what isn't already inside, see Michael's roles in Brazil, GBH and The Dress for his 'dark side'.

It's easy to forget that the website is meant to inspire the traveller within us - it's good to remember that the only St.Michael we really know is our underwear.
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Wild in Africa on 18 November 2004 2:54pm
The intro for 'Blathering on' says "Exchange your views on Michael, travel, life, the universe and everything" which means it doesn't have to be travel related in particular and it can be personal to Michael (though I would hope not personally offensive) I checked my underwear and St Michael does not appear in any of them!
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Helen on 18 November 2004 3:02pm
what's so wrong with being called "nice"?

It's better than being called a "greedy bastard" or a "cheese eating surrender monkey" or "flatulent" or "pockmarked" or "indifferent" or "pretentious" or a "bloody hippie."
Really, Nice is a good word. If I am remembered as a Nice Person when I depart this earth, I will be happy.

It's better than being known as "flatfooted" or "acne prone."

St. Michael is not in my underwear either. What's up with that? Hmmmm.

Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by xine on 18 November 2004 5:36pm
MP is very generous, accepting, accomodating, humble, very tolerant, totally positive, optimistic, a good sport, witty. there. and all these comments based on what I see him do or not do in his programmes.
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Mac on 18 November 2004 5:44pm
Hahahahahaha Helen !!! Thats hilarious !!! Hang on I,m going to check my underwear.....ummmm no can,t see anything yet....but wait....oh no thats not it...
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by KateC on 18 November 2004 6:17pm
Ah, the 'Nice' conversation.
Take a look at pythonline.com go to plugs, then 'Palindrome' then 'The truth about the nicest one' :D
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Louise on 18 November 2004 7:45pm
Helen, "St Michael" is the brand name of British chain store Marks & Spencer (Marx & Sparks). They sell a lot of knickers.
Re: Is Michael Palin nice? by Fallula on 18 November 2004 8:05pm
I reckon it's just because people that are that famous are usually arrogant with it...so techincally it's not just nice. it's 'Nice!' with a suprised and delighted ring. Which I think is far better.
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