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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Hitch Hiker's by notquitenglish on 20 November 2004 4:50am
I *think* there were a few Hitch Hiker's fans here, were there not? I know there was one who definitely wasn't but I don't remember who... I tend to block out negativity :) No actually that was a downright lie, I thrive on it.

Anyway the Hitch Hiker's movie is out in a few months and I'm getting majorly psyched. They probably did a crap job on it though, huh?

*see what did I tell you? :) *
Re: Hitch Hiker's by Spursfan on 20 November 2004 3:34pm
Which did you prefer - radio/tv/books? I'm not sure myself although I enjoyed all 3 (the books being amongst the few which made me not only smile but actually laugh out loud!)!

They ought to repeat the series again on TV; not UKGold or something but on BBC1/2.

Looking fwd to the movie, but like you say, will it be an anticlimax?

Re: Hitch Hiker's by Wild in Africa on 20 November 2004 6:58pm
I trust you have been listening to the latest Radio 4 series on Tuesday evenings which took up with much of the original cast from where the last series ended 20 or so years ago.
Re: Hitch Hiker's by Spursfan on 20 November 2004 7:48pm
No!!!! I didn't know it was on, damn, oh well...


Re: Hitch Hiker's by notquitenglish on 21 November 2004 3:07am
Didn't hear the original radio show, but definitely preferred the books to the TV series (which even Douglas was loudly and actively disappointed in) Douglas Adams is my favourite writer of all time and the chief one to influence my own style.
Re: Hitch Hiker's by Palinite14 on 22 November 2004 3:44pm
I second that about Douglas Adams. Definitely my favourite writer of all time and greatest influence. Felicity, have you read The Salmon Of Doubt? It's brilliant.

I have certain misgivings about the film but you never know, it could be a pleasant surprise. Part of me, however, holds the view that some things (treasured radio series, books, TV series) should be left alone so that the new generation will experience the original without preconceived ideas from the NEW version. I am not convinced that the Harry Potter films, for example, were entirely a good idea. Did anyone see the Thunderbirds movie? I didn't see it, but being a devoted fan of the original programme, I was disappointed by the filmmakers' attempts to 'update' the story and change the characters as much as they clearly did.

Back to the topic (sorry), I hear that Martin Freeman (of 'The Office') is playing Arthur Dent and the rapper (?) Mos Def is Ford Prefect. These details from the website www.imdb.com- may not be correct.

Maybe the movie is a good idea, but for the really devoted fans who feel like the original story is a part of them, seeing the characters they have grown close to depicted in what might be a wildly inaccurate way will be a wrench and a disappointment. That's why I probably won't go to see it.
Re: Hitch Hiker's by intrepid on 22 November 2004 5:02pm
I'm not sure that HHG is really film material. For one thing, the radio presentation anyway isn't really plot- driven. It's more of a bunch of funny and intriguing situations, but instead of resolving them, some freakish cosmic event thrusts the protagonists far away. (I know it's less so in the books, but bear with me). That's satisfying in a serial, but would it work in a 2-3 hour film? Probably that's something easily remedied...
Another concern I have is that so much of the humor is hyperbolic- talking about things which are so _____ (take your choice of adjectives: huge, expensive, long, improbable, etc) as to be unimaginable. This is fine as a mind-messing joke in a book or on the radio. Now, thanks to digital technology, they can show us the 12 mile loveseat or whatever, but (and I realize this is a really, really really stupid question)do we need to see it? Will making it "imaginable" help? I dunno. Beats me.
Re: Hitch Hiker's by KateC on 22 November 2004 6:16pm
Ah yes, The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy... Brilliant books :D I'm not so sure about them changing it into a film, but hey its been done before, it could work...
Re: Hitch Hiker's by Palinite14 on 22 November 2004 7:29pm
It's not a stupid question at all, Intrepid; the effect of using your own mind to IMAGINE the inconceivable vastness of the almost infinitely huge planet workshop is far more mind-blowing than seeing it on a cinema screen could ever be. I know CGI is very advanced these days but we can see these things inside our own heads anyway. I think it was either Douglas Adams himself, Simon Jones or Dirk Maggs who said that radio 'bypasses the optic nerve entirely and sneaks in through the back door' to create a mental image more fascinating than anything you could actually look at.

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