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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Another Palinite's nightmare! by Eloise on 4 February 2003 9:58pm
OK, who brainwashed my friends to form the "Anti- Mikey club"?
You see, unlike Mary's cool friends at uni, my *funny* school frinds think it hilarious to talk about "Mikey" (what a sad name. Sooooo doesn't suit him), his age, etc and make me blush. The point is, they said that even in his earlier days he wasn't cute!
Have they ever seen Monty python? NO.
Have they watched 80 days? NO
Have they read any of his books? (you can guess the answer by now!)
I need a come back. A Palin/ python phrase to help them through the mental torture of "not seeing the light".
Any suggestions?
Oh, and if all else fails, I'll brring them along to our chat on the 11th for *re-education*.LOL.
What do you mean?, a danger to society?
Who do you mean?
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Helen on 4 February 2003 11:55pm
You can tell them that the one of the crossbeams has gone askew on their treadle.
Or "your type makes me puke you snotty faced heap of parrot droppings"
Just call them "miserable fat belgian bastards."

and once they start asking lots of questions, (you know what to say, right?)

I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition!!!!

Your main weapons are surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency, etc etc.
Good luck!
Hand over all your Lupines!
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Quaylemonster on 5 February 2003 12:59am
I've always found that in the direst of times calling someone a "son of a window dresser" or an "English bedwetting type" seems to get through to people. Best of luck.

Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Dreamchild on 5 February 2003 6:01am
My mother is the same way it dirves me crazy..
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by nottlob on 5 February 2003 6:14am
Mikey??? AHH! How horrible??? Lol, jk. I bet if you make them watch MPFC, they'd fall in love with it. And who thinks Michael wasn't cute??? I doubt they're telling the truth! Just...call them all ... wankers...
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Miss-M on 5 February 2003 7:34am
Don't worry Ello, most of my school friends didn't understand or appreciate my taste in movies and actors either! But I've reached a stage in my life (22 - oh yes, big stage! *LOL*) where I don't particularly care too much about what other people think anymore. I mean, you like what you like and people should give you more credit for being an individual. So be proud and follow whatever YOU like, be it a gourd or a shoe or whatever else takes your fancy!

Michelle :)

P.S. Anyone who claims that Michael isn't cute must have a severe vision impairment and I would recommend they schedule an appointment with their local optometrist immediately! But of course, these are probably girls who are totally in lurve with the likes of Leo Di Caprio and Brad Pitt, right? Style but not much substance. And neither would cut it as a lumberjack either! *LOL*
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Rusted on 5 February 2003 8:49am
Ahh, you poor dear. Yes, it's nice to have friends who all appreciate the intelligence and greatness (okay, and cuteness) of some old men as well. :O) I forget that it's weird sometimes. ;O)

But just hold in there, Ello. As Michelle said, there comes a time when you just won't care any more - and I think that may not happen until you're out of high school. (If high school in England is anywhere as stereotypical and judgemental as it is here!) Most people will learn to respect your interests as you/they get older. YAY. :O)

Then there are folks like my father, who won't fail to tease you about your interests at any time. He, like your friends and Dreamchild's mother, also can't see why someone would think Michael is cute. But he's a guy, so what would he know? :OÞ

In the meantime, go with some of the amusing Python quotes already mentioned. I'll see if I can think of anything...

~Mary (Hugs, Ello!)

Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by MrsWiggum on 5 February 2003 9:01am
People don't think Michael's cute??!! That's just not right. What does age matter when somebody is so sweet, intelligent, funny and adorable? :) I'm also 22, and for years I never said anything about Michael because I was a teenager and I thought, "oh no, people are going to think I'm really odd for this." But now, I just don't care. I like what I like, and obviously I'm not even close to being alone in that. If you can't think of anything, or don't use one of the many helpful offerings here, just ignore them and relax in the thought that you have better, more refined taste than they have.
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Bedazzled on 5 February 2003 9:14am
I think it's a rule in school that everyone has to make fun of who/what you like. Take for instance....The Beatles. Loved them in high school and got made fun of for it. Later on, EVERYONE was into them! Either they just wanted something to complain about, or they finally got a clue and realized the goodness, who knows. But people are stupid like that. It's amazing how you can annoy your friends with liking someone, and eventually, that person grows on your friend and the next thing you know, they're watching stuff without you having to twist their arm. Life is funny.
Re: Another Palinite's nightmare! by Helen on 5 February 2003 3:26pm
Tim, (the enchanter),
The Grail insults! Of course!
Your mother was hamster, etc etc... I fart in your general direction, etc. etc.
They work like a charm , Ello!
... electric donkey bottom biter! etc. etc....
dleiverd in a Cleese french accent always gives it the emphasis it deserves...
Good luck..
(and I agree with the others-- how could anyone think MP wasn't cute as a button in his early days? Organize thee a slumber party and break out the Flying Circus. They will soon be apologizing...)
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