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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Himalaya-an appreciation by Wild in Africa on 18 December 2004 2:41pm
On another thread I mentioned meeting Michael a few evenings ago and him mentioning that having recently checked through this site he had been disappointed with the negative reaction to Himalaya on this site.

My sister is an enthusiastic climber and she wanted it to be recorded in case Michael casts his eye over these pages again that amongst the climbing community in the UK Himalaya was very highly regarded and everyone loved it. In fact many felt it wad Michaels best ever and most insightful series. Certainly no feeling that he is 'past it' or losing the plot.
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Helen on 18 December 2004 2:57pm

I can't wait to see Himalaya, myself. The fact that he endured altitude sickness for this series is indicative of his dedication.
This part of the planet has long fascinated me.... I am sure I will absolutely LOVE Himalaya, and I will treasure it with all the other series....

Thanks to Michael and crew.
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Diamond on 18 December 2004 8:10pm
was there negative thoughts that anyone didnt like it then?? with viewing figures at 8 million and so many at the book signings - how could michael doubt our support??

or did you mean lack of posts about himalaya as being negative??

Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Godfather on 18 December 2004 11:16pm

Oh dear.

I did'nt know you'd met him recently, Wild. It does seem a shame that Michael may be getting this impression. Along with the constructive criticism about the series (which there is with all of them), there has admittedly been far too many general "Time to move on and retire mate" comments (many coming from people who have arrived on the board to say this, and then dissapear) which i find are rude and very personal against Michael (even though i'm not Michael).

I truly hope he has'nt been taking those as the general opinion on the street. Because everybody i know, has loved the series. Like everyone,i can see areas of the series that i felt could have been better at times. But i find that with all of them. You cant get the perfect series for everyone. But personal criticism of Michael is not on.

From Christmas shopping recently, i can say that i saw so many people buying the DVD and the books. They were selling like Hot Cakes. If you happen to see Michael, pass that on. I hope he wont be discouraged.

Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Diamond on 19 December 2004 1:24am
with the number of people there were trying to get books signed recently in london i cannot see michael getting dispondent - he was given many gifts by those who came to see him - which i thought quite touching - i have many friends who are beach boy fans - russll watson fans and just friends in general and lots of them have really enjoyed the new series and bought the book as well - he has appeal to a very broad spectrum of all types and ages and i cannot see him getting worried about a very smalll minority of people who post here

Michael please just take a year out but do not retire - you are unique and can never be replaced

i have posted to the thread in the series section too
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by ClareS on 19 December 2004 2:06am
What mystifies me is it seems to be the same people moaning about the series being too slick who are also moaning that Michael was tired and ill (briefly)! It makes no sense. I have said here several times that I loved the series and I`ll say it again - I loved it! I really got quite a sense of spirituality from Himalaya, as, I`m sure, did the millions of others who watched it but are not posting here.
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by RaRa on 19 December 2004 10:34am
I think outside of Michael's time on the Dhow ship on 80 Days, certainly the best thing I've ever seen in his travel career was the Tibetan dancers on the banks of the river (don't ask me to name the spot) but I will definately watch it again next time round. It was magical, if all society lived in such a harmonious and colourful manner life would be a beautiful thing for more people. The Tibetans have got it down!
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Wild in Africa on 19 December 2004 4:28pm
I will repeat what I said in another thread. It was really the feedback on this site that Michael found disappointing. I had promised that if I met him I would ask him 'the one question' alluded to on that thread i.e. does he read the comments on this site and what does he think of them. I had a chance for a few minutes chat with him over a glass of wine and slipped that question in.
His disappointment was due to the various negative comments on this site from those he should consider as his most loyal fan base about Himalaya. I do not expect us to be crawling sycophants and honesty is always the best policy but it seems the most critical voices are the loudest, and I think he was specifically looking out for feedback on Himalaya.
That doesn't mean that we should always like what Micheal does and on those occasions feel brave enough to say so, (for example I never realy liked MPFC Meaning of Life which was totally OTT) but I did feel that I should start this thread to give voice to those of us who actually loved Himalaya.
Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Godfather on 19 December 2004 6:42pm
In some ways i wonder if Michael was joking in a sense (in terms of "Splitters"). I find it hard to believe that Michael would have taken it so seriously (apart from personal attacks which have occured, and were often too general).

Afterall, on the video introduction Michael does say that he'll keep checking in to the board every so often to see what we think. And like you said,i feel it's only right to be honest and give balanced feedback about the series instead of hiding behind a screen of fandom because we all like Michael.

I think Michael would appreciate that more than overt politeness. When Michael says he's dissapointed with the reactions on the board,i think it's just a general thing.

Afterall,they put in an enormous amount of work in each series. For there to be mixed reviews,it must be a bit of a downer everytime. But he would do well to know that many of the really "nasty" critical comments came from that guy called "Morse" who came on here and posted threads about Michael specifically to wind things up. The guy is hardly ever here. When he is, it's always to try and stir up trouble. He's not a regular poster. It's hard to filter out the authentic comments from ones that are just trying to stir up trouble.

In terms of Himalaya, i certainly enjoyed the series. I came back from travelling, and watched every episode in one days mammoth viewing. But having travelled in those regions,it's only natural that i can pick out bits that i wish had gone into more detail etc. I found the Pakistan episode could have been two episodes. But for the rest of it,i think it got better and better. A previous comment i think i made a while back, was that i felt the series redeemed itself as it went on. The Bhutan episode in particular was very interesting because i've never been there. And the Bangladesh episode too. It had a real sense of soul about it in that episode.

Re: Himalaya-an appreciation by Louise on 19 December 2004 11:06pm
Some of these negative comments have come from people we rarely see here ... They seem to want to troll in and attempt to stir things up a bit.

I mentioned `Himalaya` to a few non-Palinite friends and a couple said it wasn`t very humorous, the earlier series were more amusing. Eh? This is Palin, not Python!
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