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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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How Silliness Helps Me... by Helen on 21 February 2003 6:49pm
Reading the news these days can be quite depressing-- I find that a daily dose of Monty Python's Flying Circus helps me stay centered. Being silly really helps release those happy chemicals in the brain. My brain does not hurt after I laugh...
And it does not matter how many millions of times I have seen 'Confuse a Cat' or "The Spanish Inquisition" I still laugh as if I am seeing them for the first time.
And Michael's eyebrows always send me into hysterics.
Thanks, Michael and Monty Python... :)
Yours in Shrubbery,
Peace from a Vocational Guidance Counselooooooor,
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by Tracy on 21 February 2003 10:15pm
Haha, I definatly agree with you!! I have depression and anxiety, etc. But Monty Python helps me loosen up and not worry so much...oh goodness Michael how I love thee!
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by Helen on 21 February 2003 11:30pm
My husband was all bummed about world events, and I told him to watch some Flying Circus, stat! It worked.. we are now both using the Python/Palin program to keep silly and sane.
It helps many.. glad it helps you, too, Tracy.. :)
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by michellewinn on 22 February 2003 3:40am
Been a python fan for years but kept it a secret, people would look at me weird so kept it a secret. Watched Sahara last year with my 11 year old daughter and explained to her that Michael was a python so introduced her to the wonderful world of Monty Python and now she is hooked-Hooray-she goes around the house singing the Lumberjack song and Always look on the bright side of Life. last week I bought the DVDs of Life of Btian,Live at the Hollywood Bowl and Holy Grail at ABC Shop for all you Aussies. Now I just need the DVD player. Got a bit ahead of myself.With all the dpressing news around and being a single mum and working shift work, the python guys are my saviors. I found this site by accident-there is a God. Also I have the same star sign as Michael, isnt life grand.
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by nottlob on 22 February 2003 4:25am
I don't know why but the world seems so silly to me now, in Social Studies, my teacher was explaining about what's happening and something about China not doing anything because they might want to take Taiwan when US is busy fighting Iraq and Korea or whatever. Sort of disturbing how they seem like little kiddies to me... "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" always cheers me up :)
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by ellenpc on 22 February 2003 1:25pm
Agreed Helen, Python and Palin in big heapin' helpings, works wonders for the soul. :-}}

Thanks for your honesty and courage Tracy as I bet revealling something so private about yourself wasn't easy. Big Hug @@@@@ Glad Python Palin works for you too. Good in'nit!! :^>

Great michellewinn!! Another mother on the site getting new recruites for the Python brigade!! I've got my 10 and 5 year old daughters qoting lines from 'Holy Grail'!! :^}

Really glad you found the site too, as we wouldn't have met you otherwise! :-}}
I discovered it on the day it opened, 25th Sept (Gosh doesn't time fly) last year and have been blathering daily ever since. Like you, this is the first site I've ever contributed too. Hang in there, it gets better all the time!! :^}

I agree Judy. The world has gone Bl%$#y mad!!!!! :-}}
At least we've got each other and Michael of course. :^} Well Helen's (Palin that is) actually GOT Michael! We just sort of borrow him and try to avoid any overdue fines!! :o)

Love and lots of healthy insanity...

Ellen x
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by Helen on 22 February 2003 5:49pm
And I can't forget-- my 10 year old niece can recite the Spanish Inquistion's Weapons! (thanks Auntie Helen)
Never too young....
Gosh, Ellen, we are two of the OLDER blatherers on this website-- i joined shortly thereafter in early October, i believe...Met lots of lovely loonies here!!! :) And i have sorta kinda neglected my Siamese Internet Cat club.... Cuz this site rules the streets with brutal savagery! (That means I like it a lot)
And Judy, you are most certainly a punk. Bless your heart, keep up the good work ..
Peace and a Block of Wood,
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by Eloise on 22 February 2003 6:15pm
Ditto with everything said about the world! Here's hoping Tony Blair etc see sense before they do something silly........
peace, silliness, and the knights who say "ni"!
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by risible-phyll on 22 February 2003 11:04pm
NOT THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................................................................................... Chant for calm

Peace, love and mrs Niggerbater Phyllx
Re: How Silliness Helps Me... by Kristine on 23 February 2003 12:34am
Can't disagree with any of you guys! Python's made my life more silly and fun too! I can't count how many times mum and I have gone into "Ni" Battles. (Where we keep shouting "Ni" at each other until one of us breaks out laughing! It's so sily, but it's great fun!)

Hugs and Humble Shouts of "Ni!"
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