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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Diamond on 23 February 2003 3:56pm
Well if you have been wondering where I have been

My master told me Lyn you need time to be on your own and an Ivory tower is the best place to be - so being the obedient little grashopper - off I went

Two days later

Well grasshopper have you learnt anything?

Yes master
that my time away from the chatterbox was the hardest thing I have done and I missed it and the company greatly

that it was also beneficial that I didnt argue with my son over the computer but learnt that he needed space and time for his own work

I have been guilty of being as naive as others in underestimating the number of palinites getting together for the chat - apologies to webmaster and server but my anxiety and frustration took over at the time

Time heals
that michael 'live' is better than in cyber space and that I am lucky to have met him when others havent

that if I decide not to join in the next one or cannot join in it means that some one else who hasnt met Mp can hopefully do so

that it isnt a matter of life or death if I dont or cannot participate next time there is a plethera of palinites on the web (?!?)

The good news of the next series being planned and the book to follow would mean so much to look forward to

I can help in the future to organise get togethers for those in the UK at book signings and not only enjoy seeing michael in the flesh ( ooops slight typo error there master I mean in person) but to have company as well - life just gets better

lastly master -that wearing waterproof mascara is essential in times of great stress and anxiety!!

You have obviously given this great thought and now that you have emerged you will need a different name grasshopper

Oh goody can I bounce back as Tigger - (A A Milne being my specialist subject in mastermind!)

No grasshopper you must leave piglet and his friends behind and choose a more mature name to reflect your time away

OK thats cool - DIAMOND?

I approve grasshopper

One more thing Master have I emerged as a beautiful butterfly?

No Lyn grasshoppers stay grasshoppers!

Oh never mind says Lyn (privately thinking it was a bit of a bum deal )you cant have everything in life

Missed you all its great to be back


Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Eloise on 23 February 2003 4:01pm
Hello! welcome back, and I hope you feel better. :)
think I need time off for being a good palinite, shall i go to the sahara, or vist that lovely bicycle repair man i met the other day....?
peace and knights who say "ni!"
ps- love the new user name, very chic!

Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by peripatetically on 23 February 2003 5:11pm
Oh, Lyn, I'm glad you have a sunny outlook on things again. Good going! And I see you have a new user name. I'll amend the Vital Statisitics list. Fear not!

Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Quaylemonster on 23 February 2003 7:35pm
Lyn, I've missed you terribly! Nobody pokes at me quite the way you do, and I wasn't doing quite as well without that sort of reinforcement. I mean, look at my posts from the past few days. Crap; pure crap. But I can feel it all coming back now. YAY!

Welcome back!,
Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Diamond on 23 February 2003 8:19pm
Eloise dont go anywhere if you dont have to! ivory towers are lonely places and the sahara is full of sand!as for the bicycle repair man hope he doesnt say (on yer bike!)

Tim -have you completely had the pleasure yet - is the Hemingway book finished I mean!!

(Cant get to the computer too much as son is in middle of coursework and I have to take second place - so I havent gone awol again! I am still here- I think)

peace and Michael to everyone


Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by ellenpc on 23 February 2003 11:40pm
Big Hug @@@@@@@

and *BOING BOING!* from one grasshopper to another. :^}

Diamond eh.............. Neil ??? :^}

Lots of love

Ellen x
Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Diamond on 24 February 2003 1:05am
one very astute grashopper lives in NZ - got it in one - told you we were good bookends grasshopper - didnt I!

Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by stephlynne on 24 February 2003 2:00am
Hi Lyn,

Welcome back! Glad you're feeling better! :^)

Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Helen on 24 February 2003 2:18am
Welcome back! We missed you and the banana sandwiches...
Re: Thoughts from an Ivory Tower by Diamond on 24 February 2003 2:21am
banana sandwiches - they came with me dont worry!!

can be a very sensitive old single parent at times!!

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