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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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I am worried sick by perfectbitch on 22 July 2005 4:23pm
There is an "incident" in the Harrow Road and six shots have been fired. This is very close to me and we have been told to stay inside for fear of chemical/biological substances being released. This is getting to me and I am am sitting here with tears streaming down my face.
Re: I am worried sick by Wild in Africa on 22 July 2005 5:49pm
Hang on in there. There has been no evidence so far of chemical or biological attacks in the UK (or elsewhere for that matter) so I am sure it is just a precaution. These are difficult times here in the UK now and we are experiencing things we all hoped were in the past.
I'm sure you will get home safely tonight but like millions in London you are afraid but we have to stick together to beat the fear and terror and not let 'them' win.
Re: I am worried sick by canaveralgumby on 22 July 2005 6:23pm
Okay, here I go, EXTREMELY amateur psychologist! I know, just because I'm a regular patient, doesn't mean I know how to do their job! But you are tugging at my heartstrings. Even if anything else I write is worthless, at least know that my best wishes are with you. And I wish I knew your name (even a fake one for the 'net) because I hate to call you "bitch" at this moment!

It sounds to me like you're having an absolutely normal reaction to it all.

Don't forget, it could be your everyday criminal activity that occurred near you. Let law enforcement be paranoid about it, you just breathe deeply, distract yourself and try to relax.

If I remember correctly, you mentioned losing your husband recently(?) If that's the case, once again, it's really really NORMAL that your nerves are a bit more raw. So you let yourself cry or yell or laugh uncontrollably or throw something at the wall or whatever you need to do.

Maybe your immediate nieghbors are feeling the same. Is there any possibility at all of venturing out just a little to talk to them? It might make you feel better to check on any elderly or otherwise vulnerable neighbors. That may help you to reach a posture of not feeling as victimized yourself.

IMHO the worst thing you can do is be isolated. You are SOOOOO not alone in this. At the first possible chance, get out and talk to your neighbors/family/friends. I imagine there must be support groups sprouting up, or is that just a pansy American thing? :^) Find out about that.

I hope that helped. This too shall pass. All things must pass!





Great thing about the internet, you can't hear the nasal screaching voice at my end. -Cori

Re: I am worried sick by palintologist on 22 July 2005 6:35pm
just a note of bon courage to the good people of London... from a friend across the pond (just outside of DC) who loves the UK... these are indeed difficult times for any of us poor sods (throughout the world) who just want to live in peace with each other. chin up, all!
Re: I am worried sick by palintologist on 22 July 2005 6:41pm
well, while we're having a sing song... let's have a rousing chorus of:


(presuming that i hardly need post the rest of the lyrics) ;-)
Re: I am worried sick by perfectbitch on 22 July 2005 6:45pm
Thank-you for your support and kind words. I am already at home as I'm not working at the moment due to recent surgery. I am better now but it is unnerving as there is a helicopter circling contiually around the area and people are edgy to say the least. I worry about my children's safety rather than my own. I have to go to the shops in a minute and am fine about it. I drive past the Harrow Road property regularly en route to my elder daughters and friends. It is one of the best routes for me out of central London. This is more scary than the IRA activities during the 70's and 80's as suicide bombers are being used. Poor, brainwashed suckers.
By the way, My name is Lindsey but get called Linz or pb for short. Thanks again and I'm singing along with you "da di da di da di da di da"
Re: I am worried sick by palintologist on 22 July 2005 7:04pm
i think i can finally say that i understand what you're going through. after 9/11, things really changed here in DC. i had to get used to the helicopters and fighter jets flying around most of the day. then, a while later, with that sniper madness we had for a few months, just the act of filling your car with petrol was an almost surreal, confront- your-own-mortality-moment.

without wanting to get into the politics of it all, suffice to say that we in the US have been so naive and isolated for so long that it took events like the above for a yank to be able to say, without sounding presumptuous, that we understand what you're going through now.

i've said too much (for a pathological introvert) already. but do hang in there. there's better times to come.
Re: I am worried sick by bruey on 22 July 2005 8:36pm
hey Linz,

you're not in this alone, its harrowing whats going on at the moment, even though I don't live in London, in fact I only wish I did, as I could do something useful, feel like a spare prick at times like this, my thoughts are with you and I send you the biggest hug I can.

Re: I am worried sick by Blasi on 22 July 2005 9:11pm
I know how you feel Lindsey. My family, my girlfriend, my friends and myself all work in London and we all use buses and trains to reach our various workplaces.

The world just seems like such an ugly place right now and I'm sick and tired of having to be suspicious of my fellow passengers/citizens. I, like everyone else, just want all this to stop as this is no way to live.
Re: I am worried sick by JF on 22 July 2005 10:45pm

We alll have to.

Until such time as the world becomes maniac-free things will continue to get a little edgier every year.

But there's still no accounting for things that might happen. You could be unlucky enough to be in the way of the kind of sick bastard who killed people in Hungerford or Dunblane, you could get hit by an out-of-control car, you could get MRSA, you could fall off a ladder doing DIY (major cause of death in the country).

Or none of this could happen and you could live to a ripe old age, becoming increasingly and joyously cantankerous as you get older.

F*** 'em. Even with all of the recent events we are still better off than some poor sod slaving away for $1 a day with no hope for the future.

F*** 'em all. This is my city, and whilst all of the "stiff-upper-lip, stoical Lononders" thing is beginning to wear a bit thin it's based on truth. It will take a lot more than this break us.

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