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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Let's Talk About The Universe! by Chimaera on 14 September 2005 12:38pm
Mushi Mushi!

First I'd like to say it's good to see a site with a working discussion board!

Three Hoorays to the webmaster for making this fine online Palin pad a Universally Friendly place for anyone with a connection to the internet (including WebTV/NTL)! ;)

Ok, on to the heady bit --

I pose a question to the readers of this post:

Most people agree that Time Travel would be one ultimate trip, right?

So, if you had the ability to circumnavigate the past and the future, which points of interest, in terms of significant events, do you think you might choose to visit?

I wonder what Michael's answer would be to that one...?

     ~ C
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by edmo1960 on 14 September 2005 1:01pm
Hello Mahalo,
I would like to "leap head" 1,000 years with my "bro" Eric, and say, you owe me a million dollars because were still not living on Mars.
Or the moon for that matter.
Seriously though. I would love to go back and follow Francisco Pizzaro through the Andes, or Hernan Cortez during his travels in what is now Mexico City. What manner of men must they have been ?

C YA, edmo
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by Wild in Africa on 14 September 2005 3:40pm
How about going back and taking out some of the bad guys while they were still young: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al. Of course when you returned history would have changed totally and you would have no idea what kind of world you were coming back to, but that would be the chance you take I guess.
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by canaveralgumby on 14 September 2005 5:26pm
WiA, you must be a fan of Stephen King's "The Dead Zone."

I would like to see the American Revolution. Maybe just as an observer, so I wouldn't muck anything up and change history.

Also, the Rennaisance. Was it the pagan-friendly heaving bosom festival that is portrayed every Feb. at the park in West Palm Beach?! Was it a more forward-thinking, rational time than, say, I dunno, the American "red states" in 2005?

I wonder if MP would go back to Victorian England to see if he got "The Missionary" right... Was it the sex-friendly heaving bosom festival he portrayed it to be ?!?!?
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by sminobe on 14 September 2005 6:02pm
What a great question!

Popping by Egypt to see the pyramids being built, China for the Great Wall, a view (from a safe distance) of the eruptions of Vesuvius & Krakatoa. Dinosaurs (from a *very* safe distance)! The First Continental Congress, the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the California Gold Rush, Los Angeles region at any various points from the Pre-Cambrian to the late 1800s. Sheffield, around 1943 & Oxford around 1963... Too many choices!!!

However, rather than going back to kill all the baddies -- which is pointless, since another will just take his place -- I'd like to go back & convince Moses that all he needed from God was 1 Commandment (that "Do Unto Others.." is a good one). It's the mindset that needs changing, not the personnel...

BTW, "Mahalo" isn't a name -- it's Hawaiian for "Thanks, eh, brah."
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by irishladette on 14 September 2005 6:47pm
yep, I'd like to go back a few years, listen to my late parents, and more so my grandparents 3 of whom I never met - and try to stop my Grandfather from taking his own life - I'm trying to research his life and it's so interesting, it's a shame he felt he had to do what he did. I've lived a much better life with opportunities galore, and it was my Grandfather's first steps on the ladder that got me to where I am today - it would be nice to say thanks to him and my Dad.
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by Strewth on 15 September 2005 1:32am
Well, I'd go back, bump everyone off, then become supreme ruler. Or just go back and buy a candy bar they don't make anymore.
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by sighthound on 15 September 2005 1:57am
The Grassy Knoll. November 22, 1963.
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by edmo1960 on 15 September 2005 2:38am
Ha Ha HA Strewth,
And which candy bar would you choose ?
Re: Let's Talk About The Universe! by pandab on 15 September 2005 2:51am
Oh, this is easy <G>.

I'd go back to the reign of Elizabeth I during the mid-1570s. She was established on the throne. Most of the major players were present (i.e. Burghley, Walsingham, Leicester, Hatton and so on). It was before the "Cold War" with Spain heated up in the 1580s, and she was still fielding marriage proposals from other courts.

I'd like to be a courtier. Not really on the food chain, but high enough to gain entrance to the court. Then I'd stand back and watch Bess in action <G>!
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